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Low numbers translate to slippery surfaces. For example, the COF of a recently swept concrete sidewalk is 0.8. If, however, that sidewalk is covered in a layer of ice, the COF plummets to just 0.3. Linoleum floors fall somewhere in between Hey guys, in today's video, I'm going to be showing you how to create a slippery surface which will cause the player to slide on when walking across. In this.. Slippery Surface Regulations 9, 23, 99 and 105 of the General Application Regulations outline that pedestrian surfaces should be not slippery. In limited cases, there may be a justifiable reason for intentionally slippery surfaces, for example, on a van loaded by sliding the load, anti-climb paint By locking in water and other fluids, SLIPS technology creates slick, exceptionally repellent and robust self-cleaning surfaces on metals, plastics, optics, textiles and ceramics. These slippery surfaces repel almost any fouling challenge a surface may face—whether from bacteria, ice, water, oil, dust, barnacles, or other contaminants Another example of slippery floors are those where metal plates are used as walking surfaces, such as in certain areas of industrial plants or for overhead balconies and catwalks. Flat metal plates are very slippery when wet and can result not only in a serious slip, but also a fall off of the raised platforms or walkways

For example, a team of researchers at Harvard University studied the carnivorous pitcher plant's leaves, which feature microscopic ridges that trap a layer of liquid nectar between them. The surface is so slippery that insects landing on the leaves slide off and fall into deep, pitcher-shaped pouches, where enzymes gobble them up For example: a coarse bitumen surface will have a high coefficient of friction and will not be slippery and is likely to be safe for rapid walking an icy surface will have a very low coefficient of friction and will be extremely slippery, requiring extreme caution

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Changing or modifying walking surfaces is the next level of preventing slip and trips. Recoating or replacing floors, installing mats, pressure-sensitive abrasive strips or abrasive-filled paint-on coating and metal or synthetic decking can further improve safety and reduce risk of falling. non-slippery flooring prevents or reduces foot. Slips, trips and falls (STF) are the most common cause of serious injuries at work in NSW after hazardous manual tasks, with both contributing to musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). MSDs that may result from a slip, trip or fall include: sprains, strains or other soft tissue injuries. back and disc injuries

LiquiGlide is a super slippery coating that can be applied to all types of surfaces. When Co.Exist first broke the news about the invention, Dave Smith, the PhD candidate behind the novel. It's not recommended. Shoes with a slippery sole also aren't going to help you avoid slip hazards. In fact, they become one. 6. Icy conditions. Working outdoors in winter, or in cold environments? Ice is a slippery surface, even for the most robust footwear. Make sure you consider the possibility of ice forming on surfaces causing a slip hazard Floor surfaces must be chosen to ensure non-slip conditions when employees move from one floor surface to another or treat floor surfaces to make the slip resistance of both surfaces similar . Keep outdoor surfaces free of leaves, mud, clippings, paper and gravel and remove moss or slime with a chlorine-based solution The more drastic the difference between the two surfaces is, the greater the likelihood of injuries. An example of a transition area is going from a carpeted office into a production area with a smooth, sealed concrete floor. In some instances, matting or special surface preparations can be used on the floors to ease transitions Slipperinessis when a surface has a low coefficient of friction, allowing objects to glide across the surface. People walking on slippery surfaces are likely to slipor fall. A surface can for example be slippery due to it being wet, or due to it being icy. There are several competing theories about why ice is slippery

Assess the cause of slippery surfaces and treat accordingly, for example treat chemically and use appropriate cleaning methods. Warn of risks at any change in surface, for example dry to wet, even to uneven, traffic routes, by using signs, mats or markings The smart slippery surface with convertible isotropic/anisotropic sliding has many potential applications, for example, in directional droplet transportation. Recently, based on the ability in directional droplet transportation, anisotropic SLIS have demonstrated wide applications in self-cleaning, microreaction, and so on [16] Find 71 ways to say SLIPPERY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

Deadly pitcher-plant inspires super slippery nano-surface, R, February 6, 2012. Extreme Biomimetics talk by Professor Aizenberg, Disruptive Ideas, TEDxBigApple, New York, February 4, 2012. Slippery when wet (or anytime), CBC interview with Professor Aizenberg, October 8, 2011 Examples of slithery in a Sentence She wore a sexy, slithery dress. low tide exposes a stretch of beach strewn with seaweed and slithery rocks Recent Examples on the Web Perhaps the Kraken is something less shadowy, less slithery, less imaginary Nothing can be slippery by itself and ice is not always slippery. For example, if you have crampons on, or if you're trying to scoot sideways wearing skates, ice is not that slippery. Often research about ice slipperiness focuses on the physics of skates on ice, and what causes the presence of loose water molecules between the ice and the blade

slippery Add to list Share Slippery things are slimy or wet, or for some other reason cause you to slide on them. A slippery fish is hard to hold in your hand, and a slippery path is easy to slip on. You should drive slowly and cautiously when the road is slippery after it starts to sleet Slippery Surface. Jonathan Edwards opens Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God with two Biblical quotes, including one from Deuteronomy, Their foot shall slide in due time.. From this quote, which is the foundation of the sermon, Edwards draws a metaphor: a sinner's precarious spiritual condition is a foot on a slippery surface For example, the footwear design found at the rear area of the heel, the area of the shoe which first comes in contact with the walkway surface during walking, is most often not the same tread. For example, a smooth concrete surface with a thick wet-look film-forming sealer (see Concrete Sealer Types) will be very slippery when wet, while a stamped or heavily broom-finished concrete surface with that same wet-look sealer will not be as slippery. If you use a lower-gloss or thinner sealer, the surface will be even less slippery

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Slippery surfaces—superhydrophobic, superolephobic, or omniphobic—are those that could entrap liquid or gas in their micro- or nanopores, and are utilized as a repellent surface for an external liquid or solid. When subjected to flow, the external fluid slips close to the surface at the macroscale level Wet or slippery surfaces are a major cause of slips. Many surfaces such as marble and ceramic tile can be extremely slippery even when dry. Spills and environmental factors such as rain, snow, and mud add to the problem. Food preparation areas and residential hall bathroom and kitchens are also at high risk for slippery surfaces

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  1. Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:49 pm. Graphite and PTFE (teflon) are very slippery man-made materials, but graphite is essentially because it is a lubricant. In nature, wet ice is quite slippery, but.
  2. Control Measure Example: slippery floor (Someone may fall and injures themselves) Moderate Unlikely Medium • Replace floor surface • Put down non-slip mats Forklift driving an accident may happen between driver and someone that is just walking Catastrophic Possible High Forklift training for who will drive and who will pass in warehouse.
  3. Parking lot surfaces are similar to sidewalks and should be in good condition and free of cracks or potholes. Also, snow plows can cause damage. The ¼ inch variance in walking surface should be followed here as well. Surfaces should be free from debris and slippery material, such as rocks, mud and sand. Tire stops are a potential tripping hazard
  4. For the lubricating film, we chose low-surface-tension perfluorinated liquids (for example, 3 M Fluorinert FC-70, γ B = 17.1 mN m −1; or DuPont Krytox oils) that are non-volatile and are.
  5. g an extra-thin, nearly invisible layer of ice that can look like a wet spot on the pavement. Walk in designated walkways as much as possible
  6. The B101.1 floor safety standard makes property owners accountable for the slip resistance of their walkways. Slips, trips and falls can be costly to your company. According to the 2016 National Safety Council report, the average costs for a slip/fall incident was $31,788 for a knee injury, $26,357 for an ankle injury, and $24,964 for a foot or.

Examples of different floor types are: FLOOR TYPE CHARACTERISTICS Concrete Rounded aggregate can be slippery when concrete wears. Interior surface is often sealed to prevent dusting and absorption of liquids - this can increase slipperiness. Terrazzo Gives good appearance and wears well but can be slippery when wet, whe A trip over an uneven surface. Slipping on the ice. It can lead to a variety of regrettable events ranging from a simple bruised shin to an extremely serious injury. It's just one of a variety of conditions and situations that set the stage for slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Reduce Wet or Slippery Surfaces Walking surfaces.

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  1. The temperature-driven change in the mobility of water molecules on the surface perfectly matches how ice's friction coefficient changes with temperature — the more mobility at the surface, the lower the friction. Is ice less slippery when colder? for example, firm beach sand, that sort of thing. READ: Which Bones support and protect.
  2. imize the risk of slipping (ANSI 2001). Where does the hazard occur? Food services areas: kitchen, cafeteria, servin
  3. For example, the winter seasons are not the best at all with slippery shoes because the ice will always create an unsteady surface to walk on. People always prefer snow boots, which is a good idea, but there are many other ways that you can use to make your other shoes become less prone to slipping
  4. Slippery definition, tending or liable to cause slipping or sliding, as ice, oil, a wet surface, etc.: a slippery road. See more
  5. ate and tiled floors can be slippery, so try to avoid walking in your stocking soles. At home and elsewhere, try to avoid wet floors and clean up spills right away
  6. es how well you can slide. Some combinations of surfaces, such as.
  7. Slips and falls from wet or slippery surfaces. Requirements and Example Solutions: Workers must wear protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of falling or rolling objects or objects piercing the sole. [29 CFR 1915.156(a)] Examples include: Impact injuries from carrying or handling materials such as equipment, objects.

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Runway surface conditions • Slippery wet A wet runway may be slippery where the surface friction characteristics of a significant portion of the runway have been determined to be degraded. Some contributing factors that can create such conditions include rubber buildup, groove failures/wear or pavement micro/macro textures Make sure slippery surfaces due to exterior conditions such as snow and ice are cleared from the walking surface. 3. Prepare to install temporary lighting if required. 4. When feasible, use lift assists, forklift, dolly, cart, hand truck or hoist. Work Task Hazards Controls Performing the Lift 1.. Make sure the footwear fits well, as properly fitting footwear increases comfort and prevents fatigue, which, in turn, helps employees remain alert, focused, and safe. 2. Remove Clutter. Good worksite housekeeping can significantly decrease the risk posed by potentially slippery surfaces The company is working with dozens of customers who want to use its patented fully-slippery materials to solve sticky problems in industrial, medical, and consumer applications - for example, to prevent bio fouling on medical devices, to reduce the stickiness of viscous liquids on surfaces and containers, and to improve the efficiency of heat.

Fall injuries are common in the bathroom due to the combination of water and potentially slippery surfaces. Make sure you have a slip-resistant bath/shower surface and slip-resistant flooring; rubber mats may be useful. There are anti-slip flooring products commercially available to assist with indoor and outdoor areas Bugs Bunny, for example, tosses the skin of a peeled banana onto the floor and then Elmer Fudd steps on it, windmills his legs and falls to the floor. The wascally wabbit wins yet again. What's odd is that we all 'know' the banana peel is slippery, even though most of us haven't seen it surfaces to be slippery. STEP TWO: LACE UP Steel toes and metatarsal guards are almost an industry standard in footwear. These features help protect the foot against crushing and puncture wounds. Just as important are the construction and tread pattern of the sole. In wet areas, lugged soles will help increase traction Hard, unyielding floors like concrete are the least comfortable surfaces to work on. Working on a hard floor has the impact of a hammer, pounding the heel at every step. Slippery floors are hazardous for slips and falls that can result in sprained ankles or broken foot bones

Bathrooms: Anyone is susceptible to falls in the bathroom due to slippery wet surfaces. Whilst not the most hygienic type of flooring for a bathroom, those at risk of falling should consider having bathroom floors fully carpeted. Showers should have rubber mats to prevent falls from wet surfaces. Have mats or towels placed on the floor when. As an example, the surface of a car tyre (the tread pattern) is designed to maximise the friction between the tyre and road surface over a wide range of weather conditions. When the friction is substantially reduced because of snow or ice on the road, the tyre slips and is unable to steer, drive or break the car For example: A ladder used on a slippery surface must have steel points or other nonslip material on its feet. (5) Ladders must not be placed in front of doors opening toward the ladder unless the door is blocked open, locked, or guarded. (6) Ladder safety devices may be used on tower, water tank an

Slippery definition is - causing or tending to cause something to slide or fall. How to use slippery in a sentence For example, a smooth concrete surface with a thick wet-look film-forming sealer (see Concrete Sealer Types) will be very slippery when wet, while a stamped or heavily broom-finished concrete surface with that same wet-look sealer will not be as slippery. If you use a lower-gloss or thinner sealer, the surface will be even less slippery For example, a recent study successfully demonstrated the directional transport of small water droplets on slippery surface with asymmetric bumps . However, continuous growth of droplets via condensation or coalescence was still needed to derive sufficient driving force and driving oil droplets remains challenging The most common cause of slip and fall accidents is a wet, slippery floor. This could happen anywhere, at a restaurant, mall, hospital, sidewalks, stairs, etc. When the floor is wet and depending upon the type of shoes you're wearing, your foot could easily slide out from under you, causing you to fall and land on your bottom Floor slip resistance testing is the science of measuring the coefficient of friction (or resistance to slip accidents) of flooring surfaces, either in a laboratory (before or after installation) or on floors in situ. Slip resistance testing (or floor friction testing) is usually desired by the building's owner or manager when there has been a report of a slip and fall accident, when there has.

The surface properties and safety of marble vary depending on its origin, how it was cut, and the wear patterns that have developed on individual surfaces. Polished marble is a relatively slippery surface with a low coefficient of friction value. Normal wear can increase or decrease slipperiness, depending on conditions. For example, marbl What does slick mean? Deftly executed; adroit. (adjective 4. Slippery surfaces (water, ice, snow, fluids) Planning the lift: a. Try to break down the load into smaller parts b. Check the pathway and clear any obstacles c. Check if any doors need to be opened d. Test the weight of the load by lifting one corner e. If the load is too heavy, or obstructs your view, ask somebody for assistance Performing. Having multiple toes proved useful when adjusting to slippery or irregular surfaces, for example. Those toes that maintained contact with the surface were able to shift orientation and better. changes to the road's surface or condition, for example, road humps, unsealed roads, rain, hail or ice, or falling rocks. This warning sign lets you know the road ahead is slippery. Slippery surface because of weather signs Weather conditions may make the surface ahead slippery: when frosty; when wet

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  1. A flat surface is one thing, but Fahnestock says that if it's slanted where your foot meets a driveway, for example, it's not holding your weight—rather, it's your weight that's causing your.
  2. Texture is the physical feel of something — smooth, rough, fuzzy, slimy, and lots of textures something in between
  3. The covering of body surfaces and the lining of body cavities is composed of interstitial muscle adipose epithelial nervous. _____ epithelium provides a moist and slippery surface and is well suited to resist stress, as seen in the _____. transitional; tongue keratinized; tongue An example of highly vascular tissue is _____. An example.
  4. The covering of body surfaces and the lining of body cavities is composed of _____ tissue. _____ epithelium provides a moist and slippery surface and is well suited to resist stress, as seen in the _____. simple columnar; small intestine an example of an exception is the _____ membrane. Fibrosis. The replacement of damaged tissue with.

Surface tension depends mainly upon the forces of attraction between the particles within the given liquid and also upon the gas, solid, or liquid in contact with it.The molecules in a drop of water, for example, attract each other weakly. Water molecules well inside the drop may be thought of as being attracted equally in all directions by the surrounding molecules Picking surfaces that are abrasive (like sandpaper), deform when pressed (like rubber), or have adhesive interactions with other surfaces (like tacky glue, etc.) is a straightforward way to increase friction. Engineering textbooks and similar resources can be great tools when picking which materials to use to generate high friction

How do you fix a slippery shoe sole? Scuffing The Soles One of the easiest, do-it-yourself ways to make your shoes slip-resistant is to scuff the soles with sandpaper, a nail file, or something else with a rough surface, such as brick, gravel or rock. Simply rub the rough item on the sole of your shoe until small grooves appear As an example, abundant micro/nanohole structures are built on stainless steel surface by alcohol-assisted femtosecond laser ablation. Then, LISS is achieved on stainless steel, which shows slippery property to variety of liquid with different chemical composition Temperatures and traffic in the plants cause the fat to adhere to the floor creating a very slippery surface, despite the use of non-skid surfacing products that are easily worn away or need constant replacement. The floors are slippery throughout the plant, including the stairs and hallways leading to locker rooms and cafeterias Wet and slippery surfaces. U s e absorbent mats, remembering that unanchored mats may cause slip hazards themselves. If you must walk on a slippery surface, wear proper footwear for better traction, or use rails or another stable object that you can hold onto. Environmental conditions such as rain, ice and snow can cause major slip hazards. No.

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Treat slippery surfaces with stone (mud) or grit (for ice) or provide temporary covering. Signpost any slippery areas and make sure footwear with a good grip is worn. Changes in level . Where you cannot avoid small changes in level, such as in doorways, consider installing ramps. If you cannot do this, use signs to warn workers to look out for. Slippery Surfaces . Slippery surfaces are a major factor contributing to slip accidents. They can occur in the workplace when the floors are not properly maintained, or where spills are not immediately attended to. Slippery surfaces can easily happen at home on freshly washed or highly polished floors

Standards for a slippery issue. In the Whole Shoe test, the footwear sole and underfoot surface are brought into contact, subjected to a specified vertical force for a short period of static contact and then moved horizontally relative to one another at a constant speed. For example, one shoe may provide adequate slip resistance on dry. Add a slippery surface to difficult-to-bond surfaces, such as plastic, foam, and powder-coated metal. Shock-Absorbing Low-Friction UHMW Tape Reduce noise and vibration in chutes, bins, and similar delivery systems with this UHMW-faced foam tape The slippery nature of ice is generally attributed to the formation of a This unexpected behaviour suggests that surface ice does not completely in winter sports for example,.

The first four examples were published as good examples by people who were promoting 5-Whys as a good practice for root cause analysis. #5 and #6 are jokes. I see many real examples like #1-4 and that is the point. Yes, you could probably improve these examples but they still would not be good root cause analysis. Thanks again, Mar For example, weathering might cause a part of a rock to get worn out, leaving behind a partial structure of the rock. 2. Sediment Erosion. Erosion is the process by virtue of which sediment gets moved away from one place to the other. Weathering and erosion work together to cause damage to the earth's surface Wet Floor Signs. Serious injury can be avoided at your facility by installing the proper safety signs where hazards exist. Place a slippery when wet sign in your stairwell and near notoriously wet or slippery floors to prevent slipping or tripping from occurring. In addition to preventing injuries, slip hazard signs can also reduce the number.

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  1. imum numerical safety criterion, e.g. 0.42, 36, R12, 0.50, 0.60, etc. to apply to the slip test results. If the floor is likely to be lubricated with water, grease, etc. in use it needs to be safe (anti-slip or non-skid) under the expected.
  2. Slippery Surfaces. A common hidden stair danger is worn-down carpet or wood that makes the run part of a stair -- the part your foot lands on -- dangerous. Often a slightly worn stair or carpet is more perilous than obviously worn stairs because people are not likely to notice the danger
  3. Walking is easiest and safest on stable, planar, flush, and non-slippery surfaces. Conditions that increase the difficulty of negotiating changes in level while walking, can lead to falls and serious injuries. Floors, patios, sidewalks, parking lots, and pathways are all walking surfaces that must be constructed and maintained without tripping.

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  1. Slippery definition: Something that is slippery is smooth , wet , or oily and is therefore difficult to walk... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
  2. • A sloping or slippery surface. Working at Heights Procedure - pro-146 Version: 1.00 Page 3 of 11 Governance Document once printed is considered an uncontrolled document. Only documents in the example, loading docks); and where work is to be carried out above people and there is a risk o
  3. ated floor surfaces, for example liquid or grease . poor housekeeping, for example tripping or falling over something left in a walk way
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Work tasks that involve handling liquid or greasy materi - als may cause slippery surfaces. Individual Factors Age may affect balance, as the risk of same-level falls in- creases with age. Employee fatigue may contribute to slips and trips. Failing eyesight/use of bifocals may prevent employees from seeing walking surfaces clearly Slippery floor surfaces because of composition, age, finish, or lack of maintenance. Sudden change in traction brought about by walking from one floor surface (e.g., carpeted floor) to another (e.g., tiled floor). Stairs - steep, irregular treads, missing or worn treads, clutter, no handrails, poor or uneven lighting Translations in context of slippery road surface in English-French from Reverso Context: Uphill on a slippery road surface? Not a problem horizontally into a smooth and slippery surface, called a slick, on top of the water. Factors which affect the ability of an oil spill to spread include surface tension, specific gravity, and viscosity. • Surface tension is the measure of attraction between the surface molecules of a liquid. The higher the oil' Herein, we propose a novel flexible temperature self-regulating electrothermal pseudo-slippery surface (PTC-ESS) for intelligent anti-icing. By integrating the PTC effect in an EHC, we provide a coating that regulates its own EPD, thus realizing temperature accommodation, and anti-icing under various cold loads

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Here, it is reported that the lubricant-infused slippery (LIS) surface with water repellency is applicable to manipulate bubbles in an aqueous environment. On the basis of the sufficient bubble adhesion, the shaped LIS tracks can be used in guiding the bubble delivery and facilitating continuous bubble distribution Slippery Stair Tread Surface. Below are wooden steps in a 1790 home restored by the author (DF) in the 1970's. Coating the antique, hand-sanded pine stair treads left a beautiful deep red-brown surface. But use of high gloss varnish or (in this case) polyurethane on wooden steps leaves a hard, durable, but slippery surface Friction holds your shoe to the ground so you can walk around. Since only a little amount of friction is present on ice, it is often a bit hard to walk on the slippery surface of the ice. 2. Driving. While driving vehicles and riding bicycles, friction occurs between the wheels of the vehicle and the surface over which the vehicle is traversing Scuff the soles on abrasive surfaces. If your slippery shoes are a new pair, there's a good chance that they're slippery simply because their soles are perfectly smooth and unworn. Soles generally get a little more grip once they soften and small nooks and abrasions have been worn into them because these properties allow them to make better contact with the floor

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SLIPPERY Meaning: having a slippery surface, c. 1500, from Middle English sliper (adj.) readily slipping, from Old See definitions of slippery bacteria - bacteria - Capsules and slime layers: Many bacterial cells secrete some extracellular material in the form of a capsule or a slime layer. A slime layer is loosely associated with the bacterium and can be easily washed off, whereas a capsule is attached tightly to the bacterium and has definite boundaries. Capsules can be seen under a light microscope by placing the cells in a.

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Uneven ground can introduce several avoidable hazards, such as sloping slippery surfaces, ruts and furrows, and the risk of penetrating into voids hidden below the ground. Temporary ground protection mats are a quick, easy and economical way to provide a physical barrier between feet, wheels and the ground surface below Softer soles, such as those made with rubber, are better at gripping onto wet or slippery surfaces. You can test the soles by pouring water, soap and oil onto a slippery surface and walking across it. However, be careful when doing this—it can become very tricky if your shoes aren't non slip. Non Slip Vans for Wor Example #10: Illogical Conclusion All Dubliners are from Ireland. Ronan is not a Dubliner, so clearly he is not Irish. Example #11: Slippery Slope If we permit gay individuals to get married, what's next? Permitting people to marry their dogs? Example #12: Syllogism Fallacy All crows are black, and the bird in my cage is black Stamped Patios Get design ideas for stamped patios and read about examples of stamped patios installed across the country. Because of its superior durability and weather resistance, colored and stamped concrete is the perfect choice to bring the high-end look of stone, brick, or wood to patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways and courtyards

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Non-social fears are linked to factors related to dogs' living environment. Noise sensitivity, fear of novel situations and, for example, fear of slippery surfaces and heights are common. Even more interestingly, surfaces with slippery asymmetric bumps show a unique discontinuous behaviour, with a slope of ~0.82 at the early stage and ~6.4 at the later stage of droplet growth. Each graph relates to one of the three thermal factor values given in ASCE 7-05 Table 7-3. On each graph are two curves. One for unobstructed slippery surfaces and one for all other types of surfaces. ASCE 7-05 7.4.1 provides some minimum insulation values for warm roofs that are to be considered to be unobstructed and slippery For example, a regular risk inherent in any playground is that children will fall, whether from the equipment or merely while running across the ground. The presence of a soft falling surface, as with other design elements, is an important aspect of a safe playground

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Skoda to caution drivers about slippery road conditions using swarm data. Follow us on 29 th May 2021 8:00 am. Skoda is using real-time data collected from ABS and ESP sensors of its vehicles. Super-slippery surfaces How to empty the ketchup bottle Dr Varanasi's work started with what are known as super-hydrophobic water-shedding surfaces, a classic natural example of which is a. Red Herring. This fallacy consists in diverting attention from the real issue by focusing instead on an issue having only a surface relevance to the first. Examples: Son: Wow, Dad, it's really hard to make a living on my salary. Father: Consider yourself lucky, son. Why, when I was your age, I only made $40 a week Example applications include roller bearings, work benches, shipping tables, toolboxes or anywhere abrasion and impact could be detrimental. Reduce Friction- UHMW tape can be used to reduce friction due to it slippery surface. This can be beneficial on several types of machinery that incorporate sliding components