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Weight per 1000 Tiles: 1.25 tonnes: approx: Weight per Pallet: 1.01 tonnes: approx: Battens Required: 10 m/m² 8.7 m/m²: below 90° at 90° Batten Size: 38 x 25 mm: rafter centres up to 600 mm: Nail Size: 40 x 2.65 mm Tiles per Pallet: 768 Tiles per Pack: 16 Packs per Pallet: 4 Battens should be fixed to rafters set at centres not more than 600 mm apart unless calculated and should span across at least 3 rafters. To ensure this, the battens should be at least 1.2m long. Not more than one in four course of battens should be joined over one truss for gauges over 200mm Linear cover of 1 tile 165mm Covering capacity 2below 90° 60 tiles/m2/ at 90° 52 tiles/m Weight 2 below 90° 75kg/m2/ at 90° 65kg/m per pallet, including pallet (approx.)Half Round Ridge1.01 tonnes per 1000 1.25 tonnes Battens Required(at max. gauge)below 90° 10.0m/m2 Typical Details Plain Eaves Underlay 267 x 165mm Plain tile 38 x 25mm s.w. batten for rafters at max. 600 c/c Cross-flow eaves ventilator Over-fascia ventilator Tilting fillet Verge Mortar bedding 267x247mm tile and half Batten Trussed rafter Underlay carried across cavity 267 x 165mm Plain Tile laid face down or undercloak Side Abutment 26

Step 2. Multiply the number of rows on each section by the length of the eave of that section. This gives you the total length of battens needed for each section. For example, if you are adding battens to two sides of a roof, each with an eave length of 20 feet, and you will have 15 rows of tiles, multiply 15 by 20 to get 300 feet. Advertisement Step 6. Measure the distance from the top of the lowest batten to the top of the highest batten. Divide the distance by the maximum gauge of the tiles being used, and round the result up to the next largest whole number. The result is the number of courses of tile on the roof, rounded to a whole number. For example, if the distance between the.

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  1. Recalculate your tile gauge based on the number of battens specified in step 7. So, using the previous example, divide your roof height of 450cms by the batten number of 14. This gives 32.14cms, which is the tile gauge you should use for the remaining battens to ensure correct spacing between them
  2. Battens per m/2: 10 linear metres at 100mm gauge (roof) / 8.7 linear metres at 115mm gauge (vertical) Batten size: 38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres: Coverage. Coverage: 60 tiles m/2 at 100mm gauge (roof) / 53 tiles m/2 at 115mm gauge (vertical) Cover Width: 168mm; Hanging length: 246mm; Tile Size. Size of tile: 265mm x.
  3. Russell Roof Tiles is the trading name of Russell Building Products Limited. Company Registration Number: 7685988 | VAT No: GB11588549
  4. Coverage is 9.5 tiles per m² and the cost is approximately £1.40/tile, totalling £13.30/m² (Image credit: Wienerberger) Each interlocking tile costs over twice the cost of a plain tile. But, at an average of 11 to the square metre, far fewer tiles are needed and the labour costs for fixing them are significantly reduced
  5. Single lap installations should use 38x25mm batten for 450mm joist spans and 50x25mm batten for 600mm joist spans. Slates should always be installed double lap. Concrete slates require 38x25mm batten for 450mm joist spans and 50x25mm batten for 600mm joist spans
  6. Tiles/m² : Sandtoft Plain Concrete Tile: 265 x 165mm: 35° 60: Sandtoft 20/20 Tile: 330 x 226mm: 15° - 22.5° 21: Sandtoft Barrow Plain Tile: 265 x 165mm: 35° - 75° 60: Koramic 303 Sanded Plain Tile: 270 x 170mm: 35° 57.4: Sandtoft Humber Tile: 265 x 165mm: 35° - 75° 6
  7. e the holing gauge (distance from hole to tail of slate) and the number of linear metres of batten per m2 of roof. The batten gauge can also b

Batten Spacing and Installation for Roof Tiles Marle

Quantity per pallet: 1,088 tiles Coverage: 60 per m2 Nominal gauge: 100mm (Vertical 115mm) Minimum headlap: 70mm at 100mm gauge Unit weight: 1.1kg Weight per m2: 65kg Minimum roof pitch: 30.0° Batten coverage: 10m per m2 Batten sizes: 25 x 38mm Nail size: 38/40 x 2.65m Marley Eternit Clay Hawkins tiles, for example, are 265 x 165mm, and the manufacturer specifies 60 tiles per m². So, to find out how many tiles you need for this range, you'll do the sum: 57.76m² x 60 = 3,465.6 To be on the safe side, we recommend rounding up to the nearest ten BMI Redland DuoPlain Tile 6101. The Duo Plain by BMI Redland combines the classic look and proportions of traditional plain tiles with all of the benefits of modern large format interlocking tiles. Available in five different colours, the Duo Plain by BMI Redland is a time saving and cost effective choice for your property.. Specifically engineered for strength and durability, the Duo Plain by. Minimum Pitch: 35°. Maximum Pitch: 90°. Size: 267mm x 168mm. Tile Thickness: 12mm (nominal) Covering Capacity (Net, Roof) 60 tiles/m2 at 100mm gauge. Covering Capacity (Net,Vertical) 53 tiles/m2 at 115mm gauge. Weight of tiling per m² (approx, roof): 73.8kg/m2 (0.72 kN/m2) at 100mm gauge

Redland Plain Tile Range 12 Redland Profile Tile Range 16 Slate Range - Technical specification 22 Minimum Gauge/Batten Spacing 210mm Maximum Gauge/Batten Spacing below 25° 225mm 25° and over 250mm per pallet, including pallet (approx.) 0.77 tonnes Battens Required (at max. gauge) 4.0m/m Batten Size Rafter centres up to 450mm 38 x. Tiles Per Square Metre. This square metre tile calculator will provide an estimate of how many tiles you will need per m 2 based on the size of your tile dimensions. To calculate the number of tiles required, the calculator multiplies the millimetre (mm) width and length of one tile to ascertain its area coverage, then divides 1m 2 by the result, providing the amount of tiles you will need Material used: Concrete tiles installed costs are £52 to £70 per square metre. Ceramic clay tile costs are £72 to £96/m2 and slate tile roof cost is £92 to £134/m2. Rain guttering and/or fascia replacement: Having your roof replaced is a good time to replace guttering and roof line fascia that might be rotted H62 NATURAL SLATE ROOF TILING. . NSC Weathering roofing slate grey natural slate - 500 x 250 x 5-7mm. m2. 55.00. Fesco Lake Green roofing slate natural rustic green slate - 500 x 300 x 6-8mm. m2. 70.00. E/O for Verges; Eaves; Abutments

Metres of tile batten per sq m: Slate holing gauge in mm: Looking for cost or price data ? Options for materials & labour ? Please Register for our enhanced calculators, 7 day free trial, no obligation to subscribe. £1 per month thereafter for access to all our enhanced calculators. You can also use the following tables for calculating your. Double cambered plain tile appeal at pitches down to 22.5˚. Gemini® is a true innovation in roof tile design. With its 'double cambered' design, this interlocking concrete tile, gives the appearance of traditional plain tiles when laid They are much cheaper but have the same general appearance as standard slates. Concrete roof tiles laid on underfelt and battens: 1 m2 : 0:35: 13.00: 6: 24.00: Concrete Roof ridge tiles : 1 m : 0:30: 12.00: 6: 22.00: Clay roof tiles laid on underfelt and battens (size 265 x 165mm) 1 m2 : 0:40: 18.00: 6 Although ceramic tile roofs are expensive, they can have a life span of over 100 years. Roof Pitch. Roof pitch is the measurement of a roof's vertical rise divided by its horizontal run. It is often compared to slope, but is not exactly the same. In the United States, a run of 12 inches (1 foot) is used, and pitch is measured as the rise of the. Weight (approx): 43.24 kg/m2 - 46.62 kg/m2 Weight per 1,000: 5.4 tonnes Minimum Batten Size: 47mm x 35mm Batten required: 2.90 lin/m per m2 - 3.13 lin/m per m2 Positioning of irst batten: 345mm (From outside of fascia to top of batten) Tile Nails 45mm x 3.35mm Tile Clips Tile and Verge Eave Standard Tile Verge Bedded Bedded on Undercloake

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  1. regulate the size of plain tiles. The best known is that made by statute in 1477/8 during the reign of Edward IV in which it was required that a plain tile should be 10½ long by 6¼ wide (most plain clay tiles of the present day are 10½ long by 6½ wide). Since tiles were sold by number
  2. How Much Do Plain Roof Tiles Cost? This section is intended to provide you with an idea of the level of pricing for interlocking tiles which can range from approx: £0.40 to upwards of £4.00 per tile. To see the most up to date prices for individual products, follow the links below or visit our plain roof tiles page
  3. Cutting the tiles . The standard size of a plain tile is 265x165mm with shorter ones for at the eaves and for the top course tiles, plus 'tile and a half' ones for the verges. Use a mechanical means (such as a disc cutter) for cutting tiles, however it can take a bit of practice to get a neat, clean cut using a disc cutter freehand. Fixing the.
  4. diameter nail heads are recommended when using a nail gun. All slates will be attached with two fasteners, as per these instructions. Pitch, Gauge, and Coverage TapcoSlate Classic ROOF PITCH GAUGE SLATES PER M2 14* to 25 degrees (fully boarded or felt & battens) 6 (152mm) 22 25 to 27.5 degrees (fully boarded or felt & battens) 6.5 (165mm) 2
  5. TILES USAGE WITH WASTAGE (+/-2%) Approx. 11.0 tiles per sqm. TILE COVERAGE (±2%) Approx. 9.90 tiles per sqm. DIMENSIONS (±2%) Length 420mm (415mm in NSW) Width 327mm MASS (±2%) Per tile 4.90kg Per m2 48.5kg HEAD LAP ADJUSTMENT (MM) 80 - 110 FEATURE Low wave COLOUR APPLICATION Colour On RECOMMENDED BONDING Straight bond or cross bond ROOF PITC

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How to calculate battens on a tile roof eHow U

The costs in this guide are based on fitting standard tiles. Other types of tiling will be more expensive, with average costs per square metre below: Mosaic tiling - average £75 per m2. Victorian patterned tiles - average £100 per m2. Stone tiling - average £75 per m2 Batten Spacing at Max Gauge: 390mm: Batten Spacing at Min Gauge: 340mm: Covering Capacity per m2: 5.5 tiles per m² at max. gauge: Hanging Length: 445mm: Nominal Cover Width: 475mm: Weight per Tile: 6.7kg: Weight of tiling per m2 (approx) 36.18kg: Leading Edge Depth: 8mm: Battens Required per m2 (approx) Min 2.55, Max 2.80: Batten Size - up to. Vitrex Tile Squeegee. £ 3. .76 inc VAT. Weber Fix Plus Tile Adhesive 15kg White. £ 14. .42 inc VAT. VitrA Bumpy White Gloss Tile 250 x 200 x 7mm. £ 0. .48 inc VAT Roof Tiles Specifications Nominal size: 420×330 Linear cover: 300mm Mass: 4.4kg Available Colours: Grey / Charcoal / Red / Tan / Brown Structural Data 17.5″ - 25″ 26″ and up Headlap (Min) 100mm 75mm Batten centres (Max) 320. 30 to 90 degree roof pitch = 6 metres of 50mm x 25mm battens per m². Please note that an extra roof-length batten should be added to your calculations for the eaves course double-batten, as per our Fixing Guide. THERMAL TRANSMISSION: Thermal Conductivity of a TapcoSlate Classic Tile (K Value): 0.780 Btu-in/hr-ft²-°F

Tiles manufactured in South Africa are cheaper compared to those manufactured in Italy and Spain. Smaller tiles are also cheaper than large format tiles due to the manufacturing process and also the thickness of the tile. On average the prices of floor tiles in Kenya is between Ksh 700 to Ksh 3,500 per square meter i.e. 1 meter by 1 meter square If the manufacturer has provided tile coverage per square metre, all you need to do is multiply this by your roof area. Roof Area (m 2) x Tiles per Square Metre. For example, Envirotile Plastic Tiles require 11.9 tiles per square metre at a roof pitch of 30 degrees. Therefore, for a roof with an area of 60 square metres

400×250 / 16×10 (27 slate per m2) We've built a simple tool to calculate the amount of slate you need for your roof. Simply select the size of slate you need and enter the size of your roof in m2 into the box. Our Slate Calculator will do the rest (remember, when checking out, to add 10% more onto the total in order to cover wastage) This table shows the required number of slates per square metre for effective coverage. The number of roof slates that are needed depends on the spanish slate size and the headlap in mm. For example; If we are using a 600 x 300mm slate (24″ x 12″) with a headlap of 90 mm we would need 13 slates tiles per m2

If this is the case, you may choose to have the tiles replaced at the same time. Prices for replacing felt for a full roof range from around £2,000 through to £7,300, and it goes without saying that this is no DIY job. Quotes provided are calculated by the cost for labour, often charged at a day rate and materials Materials (membrane, battens, replacements for damaged tiles) £150. For a complete refelting job, you must remove all the tiles, store and replace them afterwards. For a typical 100m 2 detached house, the following costs apply. Roofing/breather felt, battens, replace broken tiles, flashing. £600

Marley Modern Tile Smooth Grey. SKU. RT020426. The Marley Modern Concrete Interlocking tile is a flat, smooth, single lap interlocking tile. Created to give a streamline appearance on your roof which is enhanced by the broken bond laying pattern. Available in six colours, if you don't find your choice for sale in our webshop contact enquiries. 2020 Antique Slate. Order sample. The 20/20 roof tile is a modern take on the traditional plain tile, using a modern interlock to provide greater flexibility and performance. Pressed from natural alluvial Humber clay, this premium material delivers improved longevity and natural beauty. The clay's irregularity adds charm and texture to any roof Assuming use of a Marley Clay Plain Acme Single Camber Roof Tile (265mm x 165mm) Red Sandfaced with coverage of 60 tiles per sq metre. This cost does not make any allowance for sale of old clay tiles How much does it cost to retile a roof? Retiling is the process of replacing broken or damaged tiles or shingles with new ones. The cost of replacing missing or slipped titles comes to £ 100 and £ 300 per square meter. Several roofing contractors charge hourly, which can cost from £8 to £16 per hour

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None of our roof tiles have as much tradition as the hollow tiles H1 and H2. They have been produced since Jacobi was founded in 1860. To date, over 500 million hollow tiles have been fired and many historic buildings have used them. Hollow tile H1 is a short tile for Aufschnitt roofing whereas the H2 is longer for Vorschnitt roofing This usually costs around £100 to £200 per square metre, although some roofing contractors prefer to charge £8 to £16 per hour, depending on the extent of the work and any damage. A typical retiling job would involve placing the new tile above the damaged tile and breaking the faulty tile into pieces for removal Estimate the cost to finish 4m2 floor: laid to fall not exceeding 15⁰ from horizontal; with 300mm x 300mm x 5mm thick ceramic tiles in glazed finish; SIXNY 3-23001 WHITE including; pointing and grouting with approved admix in white cement. CALCULATION STEP 1: MATERIAL COST Ceramic tiles - m2 No. of tiles per m2 = 1m2/(0.3mx0.3m) = 11.11 pieces Gross cost per m2 @RM2.90/piece =11.11 x. This will provide an area calculation for clay or concrete roof tile, natural or composite slate, underfelt or breathable felt and ridge length. Gable & Hip Roofs will have the same area provided that the pitch remains the same

Marley roof tiles have been used on properties around the world for over 100 years. Includes clay and concrete roof tiles manufactured from the highest quality materials. Marley roof tiles are available in a choice of stunning profiles and colours to suit your properties style China Plain Roof Tiles No Stone Jamaica and North America Hot Sell Roof Tiles, Find details about China Plain Roof Tile, Roofing Tiles from Plain Roof Tiles No Stone Jamaica and North America Hot Sell Roof Tiles - Foshan New Sunlight Roof Co., Ltd

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Weights of Building Materials in Walls. Material. Weight. (kg/m2) Code. 10 mm plasterboard. 8.3. AS1170.1-2002 TA2 92Kg/m 2 per 100mm. Pink batt insulation The number of metres of tile batten required is dependent on what type of tile is specified — for plain tiles there is 10m run of batten per m². The roofing membrane is ordered by the roll — just work out the m² of the roof and buy enough rolls to do the job

Set the first batten at eaves to allow the tails of the eaves course tiles to overhang the fascia by 40 to 45mm, ie; just short of the centre of the gutter. Set the last batten at the ridge so that the ridge tiles will overlap the top course of tiles by at least 75mm. See drawing below. Measure the distance (A) from the first, eaves course. Mosaic Tiles. Metro Tiles. Kew Metro Wall Tiles 300×75. Savoy Metro Tiles 300×100. Marmo Metro Tiles 300×100. Savoy Metro Tiles 200×100. Crackle Glaze Metro Tiles 150×75. Bevel Metro Tiles 150×75. Bevel Metro Tiles 200×100 This is a rough guide as to working out how much a tile weighs without having to go weigh each tile individually. These weights are the approximate weight of the material type per 1mm thickness. All you need to do is multiply the weight by the thickness of the tile to get the square metre weight: Ceramic 1.75 kg m2 per mm Porcelain 2.403 kg.

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Calculate the amount of aggregate. Concrete volume calculations. Calculate Monthly Principal and Interest Payment with amount owing at end of term. Calculate how much roofing material is needed. Calculate how much tiling is needed. Calculate unit conversions A batten fixed on the toe of the rafters in a vertical line with the plum cut, to keep the eaves course of tiles on the same rake as the other courses (the fascia board generally serves this purpose). Bond The system of aligning tiles on the roof in relationship to each other Weight per Unit Area (kN/m2) Material Weight per Unit Area (kN/m2) Floor Asphalt, 25 mm thick Clay tiling, 13 mm thick Concrete slab (stone aggregate)* ‐‐‐ solid, 100 mm thick solid, 150 mm thick Galvanized steel floor deck (excl. topping

Weight of Roof Systems. Note that roof systems typically include more than one type of material.. A built-up roof, for example, will typically include the built-up membrane itself, with or without gravel, as well as some kind of insulation and cover board, which will vary in thickness from roof to roof Technical Specification Data. Dreadnought Tiles conform to BS EN 1304:2013 and should be fixed in accordance with BS 5534 Slating and Tiling part 1 & 2 and BS 8000 Part 6. Freeze Thaw Standards require plain clay tiles for use in the U.K. to withstand at least 150 freeze / thaw cycles under method E of European Standard EN 539-2:2013

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Flat Tile. Our traditional concrete interlocking flat-style tile is fixed on the roof in a broken bond pattern. This tile gives a clean and modern look to any home. For more information about our Flat Tile range and to locate your nearest stockists, please telephone. 028 9264 7100 Batten Spacing at Max Gauge: 405mm: Batten Spacing at Min Gauge: 365mm: Covering Capacity per sqm: 10 tiles per sqm at max gauge: Hanging Length: 445mm: Nominal Cover Width: 245mm: Weight per Tile: 3.7kg: Weight of Tiling per sqm (approx) 37kg: Leading Edge Depth: 8mm: Battens Required per sqm approx. Min 2.47, Max 2.71 (linear metre) Batten. Number of tiles per m² ~ 9.8; Weight per tile ~ 5kg. Weight per m2 (min.) ~ 50kg *For roof pitches of 22º down to 15º we strongly recommend that counter battens are used together with a high grade waterproof membrane Step 4: Fixing. Shingles should be twice nailed or stapled. You can use a 31mm x 1.8mm stainless steel ring shank nail. However a much quicker method is to use the ShingleFix staple with a Paslode gun. To avoid splitting and 38mm up from the butt of the course above, fixings should be positioned 19mm in from the edge of the shingle

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Wondering how much tilers charge in Australia? The prices for professional tiling services vary between $30/$45 on average up to $100/$120 per square metre, whereas the hourly rates range from $45 to $100 per hour. The average cost for new tiling is $50/m2 based on quotes and jobs completed on ServiceSeeking.com.au No. per band Bands per pallet Quantity per pallet Fibre cement slates Plain tiles 10 90 900 Plain eaves/top 10 120 1200 Batten size recommended 38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres (fixed to BS 5534). The important thing in either case is to provide a good key for the mortar, so, if the underlay intrudes into the mortar, then trim it back. Finally, tap down the batten ends. Nailed Undercloaks. Plain tiles are not normally suitable for nailing as undercloaks and so the following applies to slates and fibre-cement strips only per m2 . Skimmed Ceilings 9mm on 38 x 38 Battens . R140 . per m2 . Suspended Ceilings Vynal Tiles 9mm White . R120 . per m2 . 25mm Recess Shadowline Cornice . R29 . per m2 . Cornice 75mm Cove DAS Polystyrene . R 15 : per m . Thermal Insulation 50mm Isotherm . R 35 : per m2 . Drywall Partitioning 3000 h Skimmed . R650 . m . STD Door 812 x 2032. Plain Roof Tiles. Danbury Handmade Clay Plain Tile; Pembury Clay Plain Tile; Individual tile weight. 3.50 Kg Batten Gauge. 364 - 376 mm Cover Width. 236 - 239 mm Weight per m2 laid. 39 kg / m2. Brochure PDF PLANUM CLAY TILE COLOUR RANGE. The Planum is available currently in 10 colours. The range of colours allows you to find the perfect.

Roofing Tiles. Shop at BUCO online right away for the biggest range and best prices in roof tiles today. We offer roof tiles for sale in a range of materials like concrete, clay, slate and steel from some of the best- known brands in the business, like Marley, Coverland and Harley Decent quality examples come in at around £25-£30 per m2, which is keen enough to compete with plain clay tiles. Across a full roof with a tiled area of 170m2, this could equate to a saving of £1,700 or more compared to home-grown slate. One advantage of going for a British or Spanish product is that it will meet European Standards (BS EN. Its unique design not only reduces material and labour costs but over 50% batten savings combined with signi‑cant reduction in CO2 emissions and overall weight persquare metre installed.Thisis all achieved by its coverage of only 20.5 tiles per m2 and nominal variable batten gauge of 245mm making the Beauvoise 20 a natural choice for your. Starbuck Grey EcoTec Matt Porcelain Floor Tile - 600 x 600mm. Suitable For High Traffic Areas, Commercial Use. R 119.90 / m². View Product. Add to Cart. View in my room. Kudos Wood Beige EcoTec Matt Ceramic Floor Tile - 350 x 350mm. Wood Look. R 104.90 / m² Economical interlocking plain tile and clay slates. The Beauvoise 20 is the original interlocking clay plain tile and clay slate,and provides an affordable economical alternative to traditional plain tiles or expensive natural or composite slate. Its unique design not only reduces material and labour costs but over 50% batten savings combined with significant reduction in CO2 emissions and.

Fibre cement slates fixing guide Customer Services Tel 01283 722588 Fax 01283 722219 E-mail info@marleyeternit.co.uk www.marleyeternit.co.uk Marley Eternit Limited, Lichfield Road, Branston, Burton on Trent DE14 3HD Fibre cement slates fixing guide. Open the catalog to page 1. Slate dimensions, lap, gauge and estimating Marley Eternit, a market. Serena Sand Lappato Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile - 600 x 600mm. Suitable For High Traffic Areas, Commercial Use. View in my room. KES 2,899 / m². View Product. Add to Cart. Kilimanjaro Umgazi Beige Matt Porcelain Floor Tile - 510 x 510mm. Suitable For Outdoors Power point Plain back 6mm (500x500) per m2 R320.00 Barcode 9mm (500x500) per m2 R420.00 Laminated Floors: Basic/Entry level per m2 R320.00 Advanced/Upmarket per m2 Make good walls aftre tiles removed (patch,skim,etc

March 5, 2021. March 5, 2021 by philconprices. This house is a 3 bedroom with 3 comfort room house plans. A 64 SQM floor house, garage included, and is all concrete. The roofing framing used is steel. The total construction cost is around 960k. We hope to see Filipinos build structurally rigid homes Tiles. Plain Roof Tiles. Danbury Handmade Clay Plain Tile; Pembury Clay Plain Tile; Visum3 Plain Tile; Individual tile weight. 3.4 Kg Batten Gauge. 321 - 401mm Cover Width. 213 - 215mm Weight per m2 laid. 39 kg / m2. Brochure PDF INNOVA CLAY TILE COLOUR RANGE 18×10 (450mmx250mm) = 23 slate per m2. 20×10 (500mmx250mm) = 21 slate per m2. 24×12 (600mmx300mm) = 13 slate per m2. If you know the surface area of your roof, you can use our simple Roof Slate Calculator to give you the exact amount of slates you require to complete the job. Please Note: These figures do not allow for any wastage, therefore.

Johnson Tiles MJ-712-1-330X330 Majestic Tile - Black/White (330 x 330mm) Deliver. Collect. MORE INFO. Successfully added to trolley. Ceramic Floor Tile 30x30. Ceramic Floor Tile 30x30. Johnson Tiles PW-641-1-400X400 Patchwork Europa Tile (400 x 400mm) Select nearest store Jun 26, 2008. #9. Okay now I am in 2 minds again. If the Limestone works out at 18kg per square metre using my method of weighing the sample and we allow 4kg for grout and adhesive which comes to 22kg. I think I might risk it and when I am in the bath I can stare at the walls with my hard hat on The cost of replacing your roof will depend on the age and condition that it's in, but generally speaking, the cost of a new roof on an average property is around £5,500. There are some key factors to consider when determining the cost of re-roofing a house, including the following: The size of your roof. The size and type of materials you use Based on your inputs, the calculator will automatically adjust cost / M2 up or down, for smaller jobs. Since most roof projects in UK / Europe are REPAIRS and not a complete replacement, you will see cost / M2 go down as roof size increases and vise-versa. In general, in most of UK, average cost of repairing a Tile/Slate roof is £90-100 per M2

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