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This particular treatment involves either dissolving the bezoar or softening and breaking it into smaller pieces to allow it to pass through the body naturally with stool. For this purpose, special medication, usually metoclopramide (10 mg) pills, are prescribed Core tip:Among the gastrointestinal bezoars, phytobezoars, which consist of indigestible plant materials, are the most common. An administration of Coca-Cola®is believed to be the primary choice for phytobezoar treatment because it is safe, inexpensive, and effective Background and study aims: Bezoars are collections of indigestible foreign material that are found within the gastrointestinal tract. Nonoperative approaches such as dietary therapy, enzymatic dissolution, and endoscopic removal have been regarded as the mainstays of therapy Treatment of gastric phytobezoars has included lavage and dissolution therapy with a variety of dissolution products—including a novel and noninvasive combination technique reported by Kramer and Pochapin—as well as endoscopic fragmentation and retrieval, and surgery.11 Following removal of a bezoar, it is prudent to prevent future. The effect of metoclopramide as an adjunct to the conventional treatment of gastric bezoars was studied. All patients received conventional endoscopic treatment which consisted of mechanical fragmentation and the instillation of papain solution. Fifteen patients received only endoscopic treatment wh

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Bezoars can also cause gastric ulcers, intestinal bleeding and obstruction, leading to tissue death (gangrene) in a portion of the digestive tract. Small bezoars may pass through the digestive tract on their own or after you take medication to help dissolve the mass. Severe cases, especially large trichobezoars, often require surgery Endoscopic removal is indicated for patients who have bezoars that fail to dissolve, moderate to severe symptoms due to large bezoars, or both. If initial diagnosis is made by endoscopy, removal can be attempted at that time

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  1. A gastric bezoar is defined as a foreign body resulting from accumulation of ingested material, most commonly found as a hard mass or concretion in the stomach. Bezoars are classified according to their composition ( table 1) [ 2-11 ]
  2. Treatment of bezoars If a bezoar is detected, there are several options for treatment. If symptoms are mild, the first step might be to try to dissolve the bezoar so that it can pass through your..
  3. Scientists in Greece combed through 10 years of research done in various countries—24 studies covering 46 patients in total—showing that using Coca-Cola was an effective treatment for phytobezoars. Most patients either drank the Coke or got it via a nasogastric tube

Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) uses a small, battery-powered device to send mild electrical pulses to the nerves and muscles in the lower stomach. A surgeon puts the device under the skin in your lower abdomen and attaches wires from the device to the muscles in the wall of your stomach. GES can help decrease long-term nausea and vomiting Medications to treat gastroparesis may include: Medications to stimulate the stomach muscles. These medications include metoclopramide (Reglan) and erythromycin. Metoclopramide has a risk of serious side effects

Food in the stomach can harden into a solid mass called a bezoar. Bezoars can cause blockages in the stomach that keep food from passing into the small intestine. People who have both diabetes and gastroparesis may have other problems as well, because blood glucose levels rise quickly when food finally leaves the stomach and enters the small. Recurrent Gastric Bezoars A New Approach to Treatment and Prevention Thomas W. Klamer, MD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Martin H. Max, MD, Norfolk, Virginia The most common foreign body that lodges in the stomach is the bezoar. The occurrence of these or- ganic conglomerates is frequently associated with either aberrant gastric motility or consumption. Drinking Coca-Cola appears to be an effective treatment for gastric phytobezoar in 50% of cases, and combining the soda with additional endoscopic methods may lead to resolution of as many as 91.3%..

The bezoars were fragmented, under endoscopic observation, with the biopsy mechanism and, after removal of the endoscope, gastric lavage was done through a 12 mm. tube for removal of the bezoar fragments. Postendoscopically all patients were given metoclopramide and new films were take at one week Rationale: Currently, the mainstream treatment for gastric bezoars is endoscopic lithotripsy. This report describes traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) purgative cured a 62-year-old woman with a huge gastric bezoar accompanied by isolated esophageal venous aneurysms and multiple bleeding gastric ulcers Currently, standard treatments for gastric bezoars include endoscopy, medications, and surgical treatment. Purgative treatments, a therapeutic approach within TCM, exert a prominent curative effect and are characterized by less pain, risks, and costs The treatment for bezoars is usually a plan based upon the bezoar type. The first treatment option involves high dosage of digestive enzymes or meat tenderizers with an enzyme papain, which helps to break fibers 3. Discussion. A gastric lactobezoar (GLB) is a pathologic mass comprised of inspissated mucous and milk constituents. First described in 1959 by Wolf and Bruce, GLBs are a rare condition with less than 100 pediatric cases reported in the literature since 1975 [6, 7].They differ from other bezoars such as trichobezoars or medication bezoars by their physical make-up and age of presentation

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In summary, we treated a gastric bezoar patient with endoscopic fragmentation after lavage with Pepsi NEX Zero via a nasogastric tube. Our results indicate that cola beverages, regardless of product brand, are useful in bezoar treatment because they help to dissolve bezoars Bezoar treatment The currently available treatment options for a gastric phytobezoar include dissolution of the bezoar by Coca-Cola®, removal by endoscopic devices, laparotomy, and laparoscopic surgery 44) To help break down and dissolve a bezoar, a doctor may prescribe cola or cellulase for people who have mild symptoms. Cellulase is dissolved in water and taken by mouth for 2 to 5 days. Doctors may also give another drug taken by mouth called metoclopramide. This drug stimulates the movement of contents through the stomach and intestines Background: Gastric bezoars result from the accumulation of foreign ingested material in the form of masses or concretions. Bezoars are rare, being found in less than 1 percent of patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.A large Trichobezoar has been traditionally removed by open surgery, which has entailed an upper abdominal incision. With the advent of laparoscopic [

Gastric Bezoar Treatment Using Oral Coca-Cola Adin Nelson, MD , Noé Romo, MD, MS , Daniela Levanon, MD , Einat Blumfield, MD , and Jeffrey Gershel, MD Clinical Pediatrics 2016 56 : 5 , 485-48 gastric bezoars often cause ulcerative lesions in the stomach and subsequent bleeding.1 The currently available treatment options for a gastric phytobezoar include dissolution of the bezoar by Coca-Cola, removal by endoscopic devices, laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery.1 Most gastric phytobezoars can be effec solve bezoars.3 We report 3 patients with gastric phyto-bezoars who were successfully treated with a combination of Diet Coke (The Coca-Cola Company) and cellulase. Case series Over the course of several months, 3 patients presented to our institution with endoscopically documented phyto-bezoars. These patients included 2 men and 1 woman, and al

Endoscopic evaluation is typically required to diagnose a bezoar and determine the best approach to treatment. Management strategies for gastric phytobezoars can be divided into three categories. Gastric bezoars may present with epigastric pain, anorexia, early satiety, post-prandial fullness, nausea, vomiting, halitosis, constipation or gastric ulceration due to pressure necrosis and subsequent bleeding. Rarely, it may present with gastric outlet obstruction. Small bowel bezoars typically present with signs and symptom Gastroparesis is a condition that affects the normal spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach. Ordinarily, strong muscular contractions propel food through your digestive tract. But if you have gastroparesis, your stomach's motility is slowed down or doesn't work at all, preventing your stomach from emptying properly Gastric bezoars, defined as conglomerate masses of food or foreign matter in the stomach, have a reported incidence of less than 1% in the general population [].Affected individuals may be asymptomatic or may present with a variety of symptoms, including epigastric pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, weight loss and upper gastrointestinal bleeding [2-4] Keywords: Bezoar treatment, gastric bezoar, small bowel bezoar. Introduction. Bezoar is the mass of indigestible materials which accumulate in gastrointestinal system (1, 2). Although anatomic differences and motility disorders of the gastrointestinal system are predisposed, they can also be experienced in normal people

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  1. al pain, nausea, and other, more serious symptoms such as gastric outlet obstruction or bowel obstruction. Bezoars typically form in the stomach and small intestine, and are generally believed to be caused by delayed gastric emptying
  2. Coke drinking is an effective first-line treatment to dissolve 'gastric bezoars' or indigestible masses that form in the stomach after foreign material accumulates there, according to a new Greek study. In general terms, a 'bezoar' is a ball of indigestible foreign material (anything from food boluses to plant material) that collects in.
  3. We present a series of 56 patients with gastrointestinal bezoar following previous gastric surgery for gastroduodenal peptic ulcer. The following parameters were studied: factors predisposing to bezoar formation (type of previous surgery, alimentation, and mastication), form of clinical presentation, diagnostic tests, and treatment. A bilateral truncal vagotomy plus pyloroplasty had been.
  4. Paper Chase 1 - Gastric Bezoar Treatment Using Oral Coca-Cola. Roy Benaroch, MD and Geoffrey R. Simon, MD. 00:00. 06:43. Sign in or subscribe to listen. No me gusta! The flash player was unable to start. If you have a flash blocker then try unblocking the flash content - it should be visible below. Summary
  5. Purpose: To describe our experience with phytobezoars, evaluate risk factors on treatment, and analyze whether previous gastric surgery affects treatment outcomes.Methods: Medical records of 51 patients with phytobezoars between 2000 and 2019 were retrospectively evaluated. We compared endoscopic and surgical treatment groups and evaluated risk factors using multivariate logistic regression.

Gastric surgery, e.g Laparoscopy: Nirasawa and colleagues first described this form of treatment for bezoars in 1998. Laparoscopy or keyhole surgery is normally combined with endoscopy. While. A seventeen-year-old female presented with a symptomatic abdominal mass that was diagnosed by barium meal and computed tomography to be a gastric bezoar. She underwent laparoscopic removal of the bezoar, through an anterior wall gastrostomy in a With regards to cats, the term bezoar (pronounced BEE-zorr) describes a mass of foreign material that develops in the gastrointestinal tract, most often the stomach. The material may become formed into a firm, round ball in the stomach. Some bezoars will be vomited up, digested, or passed through the remainder of the GI tract and defecated out

Bezoar-induced small bowel obstruction is a rare entity. It should be highly suspected in patients with gastric hypomotility disorders, psychiatric conditions, prior abdominal or bariatric surgery, or improper intake of medication. Their diagnosis is quite challenging and surgical exploration remains the best treatment of choice to ensure the viability of the small bowel tissue and relieve the. A 52-year-old male patient with chronic psychosis and under specific psychotic treatment, presented in May 2012 with signs and symptoms of gastric outlet obstruction due to the ingestion of metal bezoar, which was removed endoscopically. Eight months later, he was readmitted and operated because of failing endoscopic total removal of the. Treatments for bezoars may include taking papaya juice or an enzyme known as cellulase orally or via injection to aid digestion. More serious bezoars may require the placement of a tube through the nose into the stomach so that the stomach can be flushed with Coca-Cola or a medicine called acetylcysteine, both of which can help dissolve the mass Other treatment methods consist of endoscopic fragmentation, dissolution of the bezoars with enzymes such as cellulase or proteolytic enzymes, gastric lavage and dietary modifications with inclusion of more fibrous foods. The mode of treatment employed would largely depend on type and location of the bezoar The stomach is a common collection site for hardened, partially digested or undigested masses of material called bezoars. Bezoars cannot pass through narrow openings or spaces and thus may get stuck in the digestive tract. Bezoars accumulate most often in the stomach but sometimes elsewhere in the digestive tract

Successful treatment for a gastric persimmon bezoar in a pony using nasogastric lavage with a carbonated cola soft drink. I. Rodriguez Hurtado, Corresponding Author. Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn 36849, Alabama, US The coke treatment is common on the net. Read more about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, causes and prognosis. Sometimes small bezoars can be removed through a scope placed through the mouth and into. A bezoar is a mass of indigestible material. Treatment of a bezoar of a stomach Conclusions: This report presents the first case of a gastric bezoar successfully treated by endoscopic fragmentation in combination with Pepsi-Cola{\textregistered} administration, suggesting the possible utility of cola beverages in bezoar treatment, regardless of product brands. Bezoars can also cause several complications such as intestinal bleeding, gastric ulcers and even tissue death in some extreme cases. Bezoars and diabetes Diabetes can cause bezoars because of neuropathy and gastric retention If the stomach can't pass food matter onto the intestine, it has more chance of sticking together and forming a bezoar


Bezoars are a potentially serious problem. Treatment includes gastric lavage, dissolution, endoscopic retrieval and surgery. It is prudent to prevent future occurrences via dietary counseling, avoidance of certain medications, and correction of underlying motility disorders if present Gastric bezoars can occur after undergoing gastric surgery. A Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common types performed in the treatment of morbid obesity because of its acceptable early and late adverse effects.4 There are very few documented cases of patients developing bezoars after this procedure

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BACKGROUND Gastric bezoar is a collection of indigestible material in the stomach. It is a relatively rare disease. In this case report, it is shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was effective in treating a patient with gastric bezoar Abstract. Bezoars of the gastrointestinal tract are a relatively rare disorder that affects the gastrointestinal system. The currently available treatment methods for a gastric phytobezoar include dissolution of the bezoar by Coca-Cola®, removal by endoscopic devices, laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery Intragastric bezoars can also cause gastric ulcers, gastric outlet obstruction, peritonitis, and rarely gastric perforation. Thus, early diagnosis and treatment of intragastric bezoars are vigorous to avoid bezoar-induced complications. Symptoms related to GI bleeding such as hematemesis, bloodstained stool, anemia, and fainting are the result. Gastric Bezoar Treatment by Endoscopic Fragmentation in Combination with Pepsi-Cola® Administration. Unusual setting of medical care, Unexpected drug reaction , Rare disease, Educational Purpose (only if useful for a systematic review or synthesis) Masaya Iwamuro, Naoko Yunoki, Jun Tomoda, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Hiroyuki Okada, Kazuhide Yamamot

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  1. ant animals such as goats, antelopes, and llamas, for centuries, bezoars were ascribed mystical and medicinal powers and considered invalu-able possessions. Although the occurrence of bezoar formation has been well docu-mented in humans, the diagnosis, management and treatment remains a difficult tas
  2. Gastric Bezoar Treatment Using Oral Coca-Cola. Overview authors . Nelson, Adin ; Romo, Noé Levanon, Daniela Blumfield, Einat Gershel, Jeffrey publication date . December 22, 2016 published in . Clinical pediatrics Journa
  3. Phytobezoar. Phytobezoar is a bezoar (indigestible masses) composed of fruit and vegetable fibers and phytobezoar is a relatively common cause of small bowel obstruction in the absence of previous gastric surgery 1).Phytobezoars, the most common type of bezoars, are composed of indigestible cellulose, tannin, and lignin derived from ingested vegetables and fruits 2)
  4. This is the biggest series of gastric bezoars in paediatrics. Phytobezoars may be under-reported in paediatrics, according to our research. Bezoars should be investigated in children who have chronic stomach discomfort, nausea, and vomiting, even if they are developmentally normal and have normal gastric emptying

lution of bezoars has been hypothesized as follows: (1) Carbon dioxide bubbles penetrate the surface of gastric cal-culus, (2) Coca-Cola has an acidity of pH 2.6, which is close to the pH (w1-2) of gastric acid, (3) NaHCO3's mucolytic effect and CO2 bubbles enhance the dissolving mecha-nism, and (4) the effect of unknown ingredients in Coca-Cola A phytobezoar is a type of bezoar, or trapped mass in the gastrointestinal system, that consists of components of indigestible plant material, such as fibres, skins and seeds.While phytobezoars may be discovered incidentally on barium x-ray or endoscopic testing of the stomach, individuals with phytobezoars may develop symptoms: nausea, vomiting, gastric outlet obstruction, perforation.

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This represents a minimum incidence of 9% among all patients given definitive ulcer surgery and 14% among those with a partial gastric resection. Bezoars may be the most common complication in postoperative ulcer patients. Radiological findings, clinical information, pathogenesis, and treatment are discussed For gastric bezoars, endoscopy remains the investigation of choice [15]. Treatment of bezoars involve surgical removal of the bezoar and prevention of recurrence. Although surgical removal has been considered the standard treatment option for gastrointestinal bezoar, increasing use of endoscopy for. Introduction: Bezoars are rare accumulations of indigestible contents within the gastrointestinal tract. These are commonly found in patients with previous psychiatric illness, learning disabilities and gastric surgery. Computed tomography (CT) is non invasive imaging modality of choice as it can not only diagnose but recognize associated complications as well Left Upper Quadrant Mass (Gastrointestinal) Altintoprak F et al: CT findings of patients with small bowel obstruction due to bezoar: a descriptive study. ScientificWorldJournal. 2013:298392, 2013. Tudor EC et al: Laparoscopic-assisted removal of gastric trichobezoar; a novel technique to reduce operative complications and time

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In gastric bezoars, the symptoms are usually un-clear or nonspecific. Epigastric pain, bloating, early satu-ration, nausea, vomiting, halitosis and rarely it may cause ulcerative lesion in the stomach and subsequent Bezoar-induced gastric bleeding.[1] The first step of treatment is generally enzymatic disso Case Report Successful treatment for a gastric persimmon bezoar in a pony using nasogastric lavage with a carbonated cola soft drink I. R ODRIGUEZ HURTADO *, A. S TEWART AND A. P ELLEGRINI -M ASINI Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn 36849, Alabama, USA. Keywords:horse; gastric impactions; persimmons; phytobezoar; Coca-Cola Introduction. A bezoar may be found by chance on an abdominal x-ray, ultrasound or CT scan.The best way to visualize this is with an upper endoscopy where it can be seen directly and sampled to determine what it is made of. How is it treated? Treatment is based on what the bezoar is made of. Options include: Dissolving this mass with chemicals. Endoscopy

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action bezoars may cause a superficial gastritis, or even a fairly large gastric ulcer, which may further complicate the problem of diagnosis and treatment. The diagnosis is usually made by roentgen examination, the bezoar having formed a movable mass within the stomach. Patterson and Rouse4 have re Gastric Outlet Obstruction--An Unexpected Complication during Coca-Cola Therapy for a Gastric Bezoar: A Case Report and Literature Review Lei Lu and Xiao-Feng Zhang Abstract Gastric bezoars are concretions of undigested material, and Coca-Cola therapy is an easy, efficacious and safe approach for bezoar treatment

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Treatment The method of treatment will depend on the type of bezoar. For example, trichobezoars are usually surgically removed and lactobezoars are normally managed by making the patient nil by mouth and relying on intravenous fluids and sometimes gastric lavage March 13, 2017 at 11:34 pm. Report. Whenever I've had bezoars it was accompanied by a sulfur tasting burp/belch. After all, a bezoar is undigested food in the stomach. My GI has suggested drinking 2oz of pineapple juice twice a day. There is an enzyme in the pineapple that will break down the food Bezoars in the stomach are a rare condition and are often associated with episodes of gastric dysmotility and prior gastric surgery, though sometimes they can present without any significant history. Phytobezoars are difficult to diagnose due to its overlapping signs and episodic nature. however, in medical literature, the information about. A bezoar is a lump of hardened, undigested material found in the gastrointestinal tract of deer, antelope, goats, oxen and llamas. It forms when layers of calcium and magnesium phosphate build up around a small bit of plant fiber or a pebble. Stomach contractions squeeze and smooth it into a roughly round shape Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis, also called gastric stasis, occurs when there is delayed gastric emptying. Delayed gastric emptying means the stomach takes too long to empty its contents. Sometimes, when the food doesn't empty properly, it forms a solid mass called a bezoar. Although bezoars had magical powers in the Harry Potter books, usually.

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The possible reason was that the left lateral position could ease the pressure of persimmon phytobezoars to the pylorus so that some gastric contents could be emptied. Current feasible treatment methods for gastric phytobezoars include dissolution of the bezoar by Coca-Cola (or chemical drugs) and endoscopic surgery invasive treatment, remain under investigation and see continuous progress. Current advances in these challenging areas are discussed in this review, which attempts to present an in-depth study of bezoars along with the well-established modalities and techniques. Keywords Bezoar, endoscopy, ileus, intestinal obstruction, phytobezoa The authors present the case of the laparoscopic treatment of gastric bezoar. A patient presented to the hospital with symptoms of gastric obstruction with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. She underwent radiography and endoscopy. Endoscopy revealed a large gastric bezoar, 8 centimeters in diameter localized in antrum with decubital ulceration of the mucosa According to previous studies, the mechanism of action of Coca-Cola in the dissolution of bezoars has been hypothesized as follows: (1) Carbon dioxide bubbles penetrate the surface of gastric calculus, (2) Coca-Cola has an acidity of pH 2.6, which is close to the pH (∼1-2) of gastric acid, (3) NaHCO3's mucolytic effect and CO2 bubbles.

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Bezoars are rare but may cause gastrointestinal obstruction and ulcers. To the best of our knowledge, only two cases of bezoars in the reconstructed gastric conduit have been reported, but there has been no report on reconstructed gastric conduit obstruction due to bezoars. A 60-year-old man presented to our clinic with abdominal pain and vomiting that occurred suddenly after dinner CT can aid in choosing a conservative or a surgical/endoscopic treatment strategy; in most cases of bezoars and SBO its leads to a targeted surgical therapy. In our case, our patient's history and CT images initially drove us to the diagnosis of tumoral gastric occlusion - bezoars were not at this time considered Predisposing factors of bezoars include poor gastric motility usually because of dibetes mellitus and prior gastric surgery, and gastric bezoars often cause ulcerative lesions in the stomach and subsequent bleeding.1 The currently available treatment options for a gastric phytobezoar include dissolution of the bezoar by Coca-Cola, removal by endoscopic devices, laparotomy and laparoscopic.

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She presented with epigastric pain, nausea, and vomiting. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, performed at a local hospital, showed 2 gastric bezoars in the stomach, and 1 of them impacted at the pylorus. She was referred to our emergency department for removal of the gastric bezoars that were suspected to be causing gastric outlet obstruction Abstract Background: Gastric bezoar is a collection of indigestible material in the stomach. It is a relatively rare disease. In this case report, it is shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.. Introduction Gastric bezoars are a rare condition associated with situations of gastric dysmotility and prior gastric surgery, though sometimes they can present without any risk factor. We describe the first successful treatment in medical literature of a large gastric bezoar in the outpatient setting through endoscopic fragmentation

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Surg Clin North Am. Upper digestive endoscopy is the technique of choice for diagnosing gastric bezoars, constituting a therapeutic method in selected cases 1,5. The authors present the case of a patient with gastfico past history of gastric and duodenal surgery, admitted with vomiting, abdominal pain and distension, anorexia and weight loss evening saline gastric lavage and a clear liquid diet for 1 week resulting in dissolu­ tion of a phytobezoar. 13 Other authors have proposed a liquid diet alone for 3 to 4 weeks followed by a low residue diet,8 and vigorous gastric lavage through a nasogas­ tric tube 7 as the sole treatment for phyto­ bezoar Gastric Bezoar is a rare cause of abdominal pain and gastric ulcerations and should be considered in differential diagnosis of persistent abdominal pain in pediatric patients. This information would highlight the possibility of gastric bezoar and assisting early diagnosis and treatment. Read the abstract. CT Scan of Bezoar. Author Contact.

Rocklike concretions and trichobezoars usually require laparotomy Conclusion: bezoar is a tightly packed collection of partially digested or undigested material that is unable to exit the stomach. It often occurs in patients with abnormal gastric emptying, especially those that have diabetic gastroparesis, as well as after gastric surgery Successful treatment for a gastric persimmon bezoar in a pony using nasogastric lavage with a carbonated cola soft drink I. RODRIGUEZ HURTADO*, A. STEWART AND A. PELLEGRINI-MASINI Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn 36849, Alabama, USA Twelve (75%) of the 16 patients with phytobezoars, all of whom were men, had undergone gastric surgery for peptic disease between 10 and 20 years before admission for treatment of bezoars. Five patients had been subjected to truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty, whereas seven had undergone Bilroth II partial gastroenterostomy Gastric Bezoar Treatment by Endoscopic Fragmentation in Combination with Pepsi-Cola® Administration Masaya Iwamuro, Naoko Yunoki, Jun Tomoda, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Hiroyuki Okada, Kazuhide Yamamoto (Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama, Japan Sonographic findings of a bezoar vary depending on the composition. Common findings include a hyperechoic, intraluminal mass with posterior shadowing. (Figure 2) Treatment. The prognosis & treatment for bezoars is tailored to the underlying cause, as well as the composition of the mass. Smaller bezoars may pass through the digestive system on. A 66-year-old woman had a sudden onset of small-bowel obstruction during enzymatic treatment for gastric persimmon bezoar. Oral enzymatic therapy is the most effective method of treatment for large phytobezoars when endoscopic extraction is not possible. However, this report suggests that a further.

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