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You have to go to your Settings->Apps->Messages, then turn Off Apps that can change system settings. Once you turn that off, your Messages app won't be able to switch back your Default message.. Turn chat features on or off Important: When you remove your SIM card from your device, you must turn off chat features in Settings to stop sending and receiving chat messages. Otherwise, chat.. How to turn chat features off If you're having issues, such as missing text messages (SMS/MMS), and you're using the same phone number from your previous phone, you may need to turn chat features off on your previous phon This can be done from the recovery mode on your phone. Reboot your phone into the recovery mode. On most devices, you can do this by turning off the device and then pressing and holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. Choose the wipe cache partition option Multimedia Messages (MMS): The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you send and receive multimedia messages (such as picture, video, and audio messages) to and from other phones or email addresses.To use this feature, you may need to subscribe to your service provider's multimedia message service. Note: Messaging icons are displayed at the top of the screen and indicate when messages are.

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  2. Change advanced messaging settings: From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap the Messages icon. Tap Menu > Settings > Chat settings
  3. Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key. When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up..

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Step 1: Open Samsung Messages and compose a new message. Step 2: In a newly created thread, tap the Add icon in the bottom-left corner. From the options, select Schedule message. Step 3: Then. The option is there on Android messages the Google app and it works. There issue is definitely the Samsung app not identifying the fact that Chat features should be available to me. I'm on Vodafone UK by way and incidentally if I did use their text app then chat features work too

It seems to go into a secret airplane mode without any notice (no texts, calls, messages, etc.). It also sends and revcives duplicates of texts up to 6 times. T-Mobile sent me a new sim card and that seems to have helped, but still getting muliple texts and unable to send and recieve texts from time to time Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7. Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key. When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but. The Messages app crashing issue mostly happens because either one of your message threads is too long or you have a huge pile of messages. So you need to delete old messages. Start with checking.. According to Google, When you remove your SIM card from your device, you must turn off chat features in Settings to stop sending and receiving chat messages. Otherwise, chat features may continue to work for up to 8 days

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The default Messaging application in the Android OS supports sending group SMS messages to a maximum of ten contacts. The maximum size of the text message can vary depending on your device and firmware version. Any message over the maximum size (sometimes 160 characters) will automatically be sent as an MMS Follow these simple steps: On your Galaxy phone, go to the Messages app, you shouw now see three little dots (menu options), tab on that and then select Settings. Now Go to Text messages and Select Input Mode. From this menu, there will three options: GSM Alphabet, which is limiting to only normal characters to be allowed in text messages, this.

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Turn Off Chat Features From a Home screen, tap Messages. Tap the Menu icon Tap Messages. If prompted to change the default SMS app, tap OK > Messages > Set as default to confirm. From the Inbox, tap the Menu icon (upper-right) To disable Chat features and return to Text (SMS/MMS) for Samsung Messages, open the app select the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen, then select Settings/Chat settings. Disable the Rich Communication settings. Moving a SIM card to another devic You can try to fix that by clearing the Messages app's app data. On your phone, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Messages > Storage. Tap on the option that says Clear Storage followed by Clear Cache. Relaunch the Messages app and you should be able to use MMS. 5 Google is rolling out the new features afforded by RCS as chat and it is part the existing Android Messages app - alongside SMS and MMS. While the app on Android phones is now widespread - you.

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This means the messaging app is encountering an issue which won't allow it to open. Don't sweat it, we got you covered. Depending on your model of Samsung, the following directions may vary. The first thing I would do is clear all the data in the messaging app. It's very easy! All you need to do is go to your Settings, and Storage, then apps Important: When you remove your SIM card from your device, you must turn off chat features in Settings to stop sending and receiving chat messages. Otherwise, chat features may continue to work for.. First, turn off your device completely. Next, press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up keys together. Once Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge appears on the screen, release the power key only. After few seconds when the Android logo appears on the screen, leave all the keys and wait for 30-60 seconds. Now use the Volume down button and navigate to the.

I have been struggling to find out how to turn off (or otherwise hide) the notification that says: Samsung account Tap here to use your Samsung Account. I've read elsewhere online about ways to stop this, but they don't seem to be working. I tapped the notification, held down and went to Details on the Notification In this video tutorial I'll show you how to turn off or disable the messages delivery reports on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e & Plus (Android 9.0).#GSMABC #Samsu.. Samsung Galaxy S20 plus Messages. 02-10-2020 03:34 PM. I have the above phone. Whenever i send a text message it sends as a Chat message. If i go onto options for whoever i am texting, the slider next to 'send as chat message' is always slid to on. If i slide it to off and send a message it sends as a text message, but the next time i try to.

Disable disappearing messages. Either user can disable disappearing messages at any time. Once disabled, messages sent in the chat will no longer disappear. Open the WhatsApp chat. Tap the contact's name. Tap Disappearing messages. If prompted, tap CONTINUE. Select Off Method 1of 2:Turning Off Group Messaging Download Article. Open the Messages app on your Galaxy. Find and tap the. icon on your Apps menu to open Messages. Tap the ⋮ icon. This button is in the upper-right corner of your screen. It will open a drop-down menu. Tap Settings on the menu Nevertheless, a user has confirmed that the Sent as SMS via server receipt appears to go away after turning on the Show when delivered option in Samsung's messaging application. Telstra support also shared a similar workaround in response to a user's complaint, we've added the message below 1. Force stop and clear cache for Message+, stock Messages, Contacts, Phone. 2. Make sure all notifications and permissions are OFF on stock message app. 3. Go into Message+ and turn off Notifications. Also turn off any setting that has to do with MMS and Wifi. 4. Go into Settings > Applications > Application Manager > More > Modify system setting

Use these steps to stop your iPhone from sending iMessages as text messages. Open the Settings app. Scroll down and choose the Messages option. Tap the button to the right of Send as SMS to turn it off. There won't be any green shading around the button when this option is turned off. I have it turned off in the picture below A. aguilad20. First activity. 2 replies. When I send a text message to a certain person my text messages show Sent as SMS via Server. I have not changed anything on my phone settings or message settings. It only happens with one person and no one else. How can I fix this or turn that off. I've turned off my sent, delivery and typing notifications As spotted on Reddit, a new prompt is showing up in Samsung Messages, the company's stock text messaging app. It lets users know that they can enable Chat features powered by Google's RCS backend. Disable Bubbles for Specific Apps. On your Android phone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen (once or twice depending on your device's manufacturer), and then tap the Gear icon to open the Settings menu. Scroll down and select Apps and Notifications.. At the top of the screen, select See all (X) Apps, where X. Tapping on this entry will open a simple pop-up menu with two options: Send individual SMS messages to all recipients and Send a single MMS to all recipients. Change this setting to the first option, and away you go. By sending your message as a group of individual SMS messages, the replies will come back as individual SMS messages

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How to Enable RCS Messaging in Android 10 - For several years, iPhone users have been able to enjoy the advantages of iMessage while Android users have been stuck with the traditional SMS messaging. Aside from being charged for every text message, Android users have been missing out on a lot of cool features new messaging technologies like iMessage bring When it comes to texting, Google's Messages app for Android is absolutely top-notch. The app gives you the ability to block those annoying spam text messages that have been plaguing us for so long, send messages from a computer, and can even provide RCS features if your carrier supports the Universal Profile.. But to get all of these features, you'll need to set Messages as your default SMS app From there, just tap Start and then your number will be enrolled in RCS. Open the Messages app on your Samsung phone. Tap the three-dot overflow menu button at the top of your conversations. If your Galaxy won't turn off and you can't restart it, try plugging it into the charger. If it doesn't have enough juice left to turn itself back on, a forced restart won't work. Just plug it in for an hour or two to make sure your Samsung Galaxy has all the power it needs

Boot into Safe Mode. Turn the phone off. Press and hold the power button past the Galaxy S20 name appears on the screen. Once Samsung appears, release the power button and immediately press and. Samsung Messages may still be the default on the new S21 lineup, but Google Messages is now a native app on Samsung's new phones. Alison DeNisco Rayome Jan. 14, 2021 10:20 a.m. P

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For Android, it's just as easy. Go into your Settings, tap on Text Messages or Conversations, and toggle off Send Read Receipts. Voila! Another method I've found useful is pulling down the. - Now, swipe up from the bottom of the chat to turn off vanish mode. - You can also tap on the turn off vanish mode feature on top of the chat window. You can basically toggle between the two modes in a chat. You can turn it on for a few messages or photos, which will disappear the very moment they have been read/seen It's at the bottom of the Multimedia Messages menu. It will open your options on a drop-down menu. Select Restricted in the drop-down. This will prevent your SMS text messages from automatically converting to MMS. If you send pictures, audio or video in Messages, it will still convert and send as an MMS

From the Home screen, tap the Messages icon. Select on the following options to delete messages: Delete an individual message. Touch and hold the message you wish to delete. Delete an individual message inside a conversation. If necessary, expand the conversation to view the individual messages; Touch and hold the message you wish to delete Perform the messages; The last guide to turning off the delivery report on your Galaxy s20 is performing the messages. In this case, there will be two kinds of messages. They are text messages and multimedia messages. First, for the text messages, you should tap on the option of text messages Hide. At the bottom of the messages section in the app, tap the menu icon next to Home.. Tap Active at the top of the menu. This will give you the option to turn chat off. Advertisement.

Google has already launched Messages for web to create a first-party way for Android users to send and receive texts and chats from the web. The solution is not as elegant as iMessage, for example. 2. Select the Menu icon, which displays as three vertical dots. 3. Tap Settings > Notifications. 4. Tap the Show Notification switch to toggle notifications on or off. 5. Tap Categories to be taken to a list of customizable features, e.g., vibrate, sound, appear on the lock screen, and enable the app icon badge Mine did not have one. I contacted t-mobile and they found it odd as well. They told me to contact samsung. I contacted samsung and they told me to do a factory reset. Much to my surprise, IT WORKED!! I went back to settings, and ta-da, there it was, the option to turn on or turn off group messages 1. When your iPhone texts disappeared, most of the time turning off iMessages and MMS Messaging from settings, and then turning on will restore your missing messages. 2. If that can't work, then make sure you have a backup in iCloud or iTunes (or Finder) before the text messages won't show up within inbox, restore from that backup Turn notifications on your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Android 7.0 on or off Read help info When you turn on notifications, you will be notified about various events such as new email messages, messages from social networks and calendar appointments

Samsung Messages Starts Receiving RCS Chat Features For Some. Here is some good news today for those of you who love Samsung's Messages app. Earlier this year , Samsung announced they would. If you're still getting the error, you can try doing a factory reset. Make sure you've backed all personal files that you wish to save then turn the device off. Next, hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys simultaneously until the phone vibrates. Then let go of the Power key but keep your fingers on the others

The Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a setting called Driving Mode. This feature will automatically reply to text messages by saying I'm driving right now - I'll get back to you later. The feature is meant as a feature to use so that you aren't distracted by looking at your phone while driving 1 Change iMessages to Text Messages by Pressing iMessages. You can do this by long-pressing the iMessages: 1. When you are done creating your message, you can send it off as you normally do. 2. Long-press and keep your finger on the body of the message (kind of like you do when you are playing with the copy and paste function) Go to Settings, then Messages. Toggle the switch next to iMessage to the off position. Now, hold the Power button down until you see the Slide to Power Off slider on your display. Swipe it to the right, turning off the tablet. Turn the device back on by pressing the Power button again until you see the Apple logo

Tap 'Connected Apps' and turn off Samsung Keyboard. Tap on Keyboard Content Centre, if you see it under Connected Apps, to turn it off as well. Q: Does Bitmoji share information with Samsung? A: We value your privacy, that's why we only share with Samsung which Bitmoji stickers are sent in the keyboard To turn Messenger notifications on or off: Next to Chats, click . Click Settings. Check Desktop notifications enabled, then click Done. To turn off notifications for a single conversation: Below Chats hover over the conversation. Click then click Mute. Choose how long you want to mute notifications for, then click Mute Read receipts take that away again. They force us to chat on someone else's schedule. In some cases, you can turn read receipts off or control them more finely—and you should. In too many. Go to Settings > Messages and turn on Send as SMS. This ensures the Messages app will switch to text messages whenever you or the recipient aren't online. Sometimes there's a delay while your iPhone attempts to send an iMessage, but after a failed attempt it sends the message as a text instead People can only join a room chat and send a message by entering the room while logged into Facebook or Messenger. From your room, click in the top right. Create a message and click to send. The room chat will show up and stay in your Messenger or Facebook Chat list after the room ends or if you leave. Keep in mind that new people outside of the.

If you are using Textra as the default messaging app on the Samsung phone, when the above problem happens, you should go to the Settings and turn off Advanced Messaging on your Galaxy phone. After that, go back to Textra and you can see all your messages again - both long and short messages. Problem: Samsung messages not sending It is not a rare problem that users cannot send and receive messages on Samsung S9/S8/S7 so it would not be a difficult task to overcome. For your reference, here are several methods to fix Samsung S9/S8/S7 fails to send and receive messages issue. With the help of this article, you can solve the messages sending or receiving failure effortlessly Some of the most common things I heard from Samsung Galaxy users are: my Samsung galaxy keeps rebooting, my Samsung galaxy restarts by itself, my Samsung galaxy s6 restarts itself, my android keeps shutting off, and my Samsung galaxy keeps turning itself off. Most people that I have told this solution have solved it. There are numerous reasons why SMS texts in Android can fail to send (or be received, but this article will focus on the failure to send).If you cannot receive SMS texts, you can check out Phone Not Receiving Texts.. However, if you can receive texts just fine, but your texts always fail to send, the issue most likely lies with your SMSC number.This is not a hardware or software issue; factory.

Settings > Search > type in speak. I have Speak Passwords (that's not it), Turn off all Sounds (sounds draconian - presents a menu of choices including Turn off all sounds (not good), Hearing aids (Sorry I'm not hard of hearing), Samsung subtitles (I'm not looking for subtitles), Google subtitles (still not looking for subtitles), Left/Right Sound Balance (no that's not it), Mono Audio. Re: My phone can't send texts, keep saying they have failed, have full signal. 06-01-2015 07:39 PM. In case someone is actually reading this from Vodafone, it would be nice if we could all chip in with: Phone Model, SIM type (standard, micro, nano) and vague age of phone and/or SIM. So I have trouble on both a Note 3 & Nexus 4, micro SIM around. 08-10-2019 05:48 PM (Last edited ‎08-10-2019 05:51 PM ) in. Galaxy S. Chat Registration is likely failing because your Carrier doesn't support RCS or RCS with Samsung Messages . No issues with my S9+ & Rogers fwiw ️. Same thing is likely the case for you @EmBeSc. 2 Likes It allows you to type any of your favorite messages easily without having to feel distracted with its auto correct. 2. Via the Settings menu. This is another easy way for you to activate or turn off the autocorrection on your mobile device. Most Samsung phones or tablets can be modified by using this simple tip Remove Voicemail Notification on Android. The first step is to open the Settings app. This can be done from the pull-down notification bar on some phones; however, the tried and true method.

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Today's issue involves any Samsung Galaxy device where the Samsung Galaxy WiFi Keeps Turning On and Off Automatically without you doing anything. It's quite a strange problem and it affects your device in that you cannot actually get anything done especially connecting to the Internet by WiFi seeing the WiFi setting keeps automatically being turned off and on Step 1: Open your messager app. After opening the app, slide the message to the right to archive it. If this doesn't work on your messenger app, you can do this by long-pressing on a specific contact. By doing this, the messages you archived won't appear on your messenger app's home page Do you want to send a single text to many recipients as if you sent each single message one-by-one ? If using iOS4, turn off Group Messaging in settings. If using iOS5, turn off iMessage, Group Messaging and MMS in settings. After you sent the group text you can turn them on again 4. Samsung J7 won't turn on. This is again a common Samsung J7 issue that is distinctly associated with the device. There are times when the phone gets switched off automatically and is not started even after pressing the Power button. In this case, you have to forcefully restart your phone. To do this, long press the Power and the Volume.

Email. Samsung. Samsung Quick Tips. Samsung Push Service is an app that sends brand-specific notifications to your Samsung phone. It might already exist on your phone, and if it doesn't, you can download it from the Google Play Store and start using it right away Apple has several ways for you to communicate in the Messages app aside from texting — and that includes audio messages. You can send a voice recording via iMessage by long-pressing the microphone icon just right of the input field and speaking. However, by default, these audio messages self-destruct after two minutes, which isn't good if you want them archived

The feature automatically identifies and detects robocalls and lets you simply block or report spam numbers. Go to 'Caller ID and spam protection' in Call Settings to activate the function. Switch on 'Caller ID and spam protection' under Call Settings to activate Smart Call. 1The available functions and features may vary by country and. Users told to ask people to re-send messages If the problem keeps happening, try turning off Wi-Fi or VPN, or connecting to a different Wi-Fi network. by hitting More inside a chat a. Android. 1. Open Facebook Messenger and tap on your profile picture in the top left, which will bring you to the main settings menu. 2. Tap on the Notifications and Sounds sub-menu under Preferences. 3. Now simply tap on the On toggle at the top to disable all sounds coming from Messenger. Similarly, you can turn off vibrations, and even turn.

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Accessing in-meeting chat. While in a meeting, tap the screen to make the controls appear. Tap More, and then tap Chat . (Optional) If you want to change who it is being sent to, tap the arrow next to Send to: and choose a different participant.; You can type your chat message and click Send.; Incoming chats will be displayed at the bottom of your screen and you can click on More then Chat to. From dodging awkward messages without the guilt to keeping the adult stuff private, here are the WhatsApp tips and tricks that will turn you into a messaging master. 1. Hide the fact that you're. To check if someone enabled disappearing messages for you, open the chat with them. Here, you'll see the alert message, which reads Contact XYZ turned on disappearing messages.. When the feature is on, you'll also see a small clock next to the person's profile picture in the chat. If the clock isn't visible, the feature isn't. Tap on that and you'll see the option to turn off notifications for that app. Samsung Galaxy S21 volume controls, sound and do not disturb. Learning to master do not disturb is a key skill of Android Settings. Before doing anything: Quit the Messages app (Double press your home button and swipe up on the Messages app).; Go to Settings > Messages and Turn OFF and then back ON your iMessage option.; Now open back Message and try to send a message to your friend 's iPhone, but make sure to use the button at the Top-Left corner to find your friend and start the conversation, don't just open.

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When you send group messages as MMS, it keeps the replies in one thread on your phone. It also doesn't count towards your text messaging usage, so you won't see those messages reflected in the text messaging detail on your monthly bill. Since the group message is sent as an MMS message, it incurs data usage and will show up on your monthly bill. When we first started using cell phones, we could make phone calls and send messages over a cellular network. This type of message was called SMS, or Short Messaging Service text message. Back then, sending SMS messages was inconvenient—it required the painstaking task of inputting letters on a numeric keyboard

To turn your read receipts on for all incoming messages, hit up Settings --> Messages --> toggle on Send Read Receipts. If you have iOS 10 (which you really should by now) you can also turn read. Mute chat in WhatsApp for iPhone means turning off the notifications for that particular contact/group. Whereas, in Android, it means to silent the notifications with an extra functionality to turn off notifications as well. Android. 1. Open WhatsApp, and go to the chat of the contact/group for whom you want to turn off the notifications. 2 Samsung galaxy note 3 working fine on wifi until I changed the back cover for a wireless charging cover. Wifi kept showing as connected and fair to good connection but unable to connect to internet. Have done 2 factory resets. Each time the wifi behaves for a shore time. I always have mobile data off at home. Turn my phone off regularly too The Message Center number will also be displayed on the Text messages settings screen. • ACCESS MMS SETTINGS: Select More settings > Multimedia messages . Note: If Advanced Messaging is turned on and you are messaging another device using the most recent version of Advanced Messaging (2019) from AT&T you can share files up to 100MB, get read. Turn On or Off Link to Windows on Android Phone in App Settings. 1 Open Settings on your Android phone. (see screenshot below) 2 Tap on Apps in Settings. (see screenshot below) 3 Tap on Your Phone Companion in Apps. (see screenshot below) 4 Tap on the In-app notification settings link. (see screenshot below) 5 Turn On or Off Link to Windows for.