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  1. Go to the post that you'd like to turn notifications on or off. Click and select Turn on notifications for this post or Turn off notifications for this post. The person who posted won't be notified that you turned notifications on or off. Learn more about choosing what you get notifications about on Facebook
  2. Go to any post you want to get notifications from. Click on the three-dotted button above the post. Select 'Turn on notifications for this post' from the drop-down menu. Now you will receive notifications when there is a new comment on the post
  3. Enter the name of the Page and choose from the results. Go to the Page. Click then select Follow Settings. Below Notifications, select what types of posts you want to be notified about: Standard, Highlights, All Notifications or Off

Notifications are updates about activity on Facebook. You can go to your notifications settings to change what you're notified about and how you're notified. The types of notifications you may receive depends on what platform you're using. Learn more about notification types. You can turn notifications on or off for specific people or pages you. Facebook will send you notifications of activity that directly involves you such as tags, comments, or group activity. These notifications can be checked by logging into your Facebook account, opening the notifications menu, and selecting individual notifications or viewing the entire archive

To do so log into your Facebook account and click on this link to jump right to the correct sub-menu. If the link doesn't work for you, select the menu triangle in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Settings. Look for the Notifications entry on the left hand navigation column Tutorial about Facebook notification settings (Mobile) Select & Tap the Last tab on Top right corner of the screen and then tap on Settings -> Account Settings. And then tap of Notifications. Now you'll get navigated to Notification settings. Here you can just tap on the required option and choose the best setting There is no metrics feature to track if your post notification is turned on. How to tell if your followers have turned on post notification is by analysing your posts to see the users that like and comments on your post often and quick. But this is just a guessing style no feature for that yet. 1.2K view

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To share something on Facebook, first pick the type of post you want to share. Why do I see suggested posts in my Facebook News Feed? To help you discover new things on Facebook, we suggest certain posts in your News Feed. Many factors influence which suggested posts you see. If I'm tagged in a post on Facebook, will my friends be able to see. Open the Facebook app From the main screen, tap the three-stacked dots icon. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy. Go to Settings > Privacy > Face recognition Go to your profile page. You can click your profile icon in the top right or top left of your Facebook dashboard

Turn Off Facebook Game Notifications on iPhone and Android. The Facebook app now features a dedicated tab for Gaming.You can view all the notifications by tapping the bell icon (at the upper left) inside in the Gaming tab. Follow the steps below if you wish to completely stop push notifications from games In this menu, scroll to the section marked Your Facebook Information. Then tap Access Your Information and press the arrow to the right of Posts, which is located at the top of the menu. Finally, tap Posts Hidden From Your Timeline. Tap posts hidden from your timeline How To View Your Notifications On FacebookIf you want to view your notifications on Facebook, from any screen on Facebook click on the globe icon at the top. All Posts: You'll get notifications any time members post in the group.; Highlights: You'll get suggested notifications for your group posts, based on content you've interacted with before.Tags, mentions, comments, reminders, likes and reactions on your posts, group privacy updates, Events and Live video notifications, Safety check and Mark as Important are not affected by the Highlights.

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If someone has set ignore messages from you on Faceboon messenger, I think there is no direct way to know it but only to guess. The circle on the right of your message will stay white inside as sent instead of turning blue shortly after as de.. To unhide a post on Facebook, use the Hidden from timeline filter in the Activity Log located in the three-dotted menu near your Profile cover photo Just so you know, there are some downsides to having notifications turned on for your favorite Facebook page, including if the page: posts too much; posts the same updates multiple times with different targeting; If there are 20 posts a day, that means 20 notifications on your profile Why do you want a answer to this in Quora? Can't you just look it up? I have been wondering why people just request my answer for random stuff, when they have no idea they can just look it up. Oh yeah, I have no idea what twitter is, except trump.

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If you used Manage Activity to delete a post: Go to profile page > More > Activity Log > Trash.Tap a post to recover it and tap Restore.; To cancel your Facebook account deletion: Log in to your account within 30 days and select Cancel Deletion.; If it was a shared post created by someone else: Try to track down the original content or check your email for Facebook notifications The default keyboard combination for search on a Mac is ⌘ Command + F. Type mentioned you in a comment in the search field. This will highlight all comment tag notifications that contain this phrase on your notifications page. Scroll down and click on a notification. This will open the comment you're tagged in The notification is being sent to users who previously enabled Facebook's tag suggestion feature, as well as to new users. There's also an official Facebook blog post if you didn't.

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The very first thing is to make sure you have messaging turned on for your Page. Job applicants will be sending their applications in via your Page messaging. This is done in Settings, then Messaging.. To get started, click Publish Job Post under Facebook's Job options, which, when on a desktop or laptop computer is in the left menu of. So, just like a non-Facebook friend, an 'Ignored' person cannot see your Active Status and won't know when you've read their messages. Ignoring is the right way to go if you're looking to turn the Active Status off for only one or two people. A blocked person won't be able to find you on Facebook, let alone see your Active Status Select Check In from the menu at the lower right side of the status bar in the Create Post popup. In the Search for Location window, enter a location or select it from the drop-down menu. Select the image/video, friends, feeling/activity, or gif icons if you want to add these to your post. Select Post to check in on Facebook Recently you might have seen a notification on a post on Facebook claiming that the post has been reviewed by 'Fact-checkers'. In a surprising move to fight the spread of misinformation, Facebook has employed a fact-checking function. This function is inbuilt into the Facebook interface and works with all posted content on the app

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This has surely happened to you as well and you struggled to find out how to find a sponsored Ad on Facebook. Well, in this case, there is a solution called Recent Ad Activity. But it works only if you clicked an ad and want to see it again. This section shows users the past three months of ads they liked, clicked on, commented on or shared How Facebook censors your posts (FAQ) High-profile videos involving the police and the black community have put a spotlight on the mess that is Facebook's censorship policies Here's how to avoid receiving constant notifications from a Facebook post you've commented on: Another way to end the constant notifications is to find the post in the news feed & click the down arrow in the top right corner. Select Stop Notifications. 4. Your Facebook Ticker. All those posts from friends suck away your precious time Go to Facebook.com. Log in with your account information if you haven't already done so. Click on the Options icon that looks like a gear in the bottom right of the screen. It will be located between the search bar and the New Message icon. Click Turn off Post Tabs. You can also turn off notifications on an individual Post Tab, but only if you.

After you save a post, tap the menu icon in the lower right corner of the Facebook app and press the Saved option. On desktop, just look under the Explore tab along the right side of the. In the Facebook app, locate the conversation thread or post that you want to follow. When you follow a post, you'll receive a notification when someone comments. Tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of the post. Tap More. Tap Turn on notifications for this post. Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up here to get our FREE Tip of. I keep getting notifications from friends posts on Facebook. Even old friends which I no longer have. How can I stop all the Facebook notifications on my Gmail. Details. Managing Settings and Mail, To turn them on, go to Notifications preferences on your Profile page. Post 2. Hide the Facebook post of your choice. Once you've opened your page, scroll through your personal timeline until you find a post that you want to hide. Click or tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. Skim past the editing options, and select Hide From Timeline How to turn off Facebook notifications on the mobile app. 1. Locate the Facebook app icon on your phone's home screen and open it. 2. In the lower right-hand corner of your screen, click on the.

Change is hard, especially when you've created a social media strategy based on a specific way of operating. As many predicted, it wasn't necessary to ask your followers to turn on notifications. Posts didn't disappear into oblivion, and Instagram actually saw a rise in post viewership since it changed its algorithm Turn Off Watch Notifications Whether you have had enough of the notifications or just want to get rid of those red counters, it's perfectly fine to turn them off for Watch. Here's how you can do that Manage notifications from Activity. Go to Activity on the left side of Teams, hover over the notification that you want to change, and then select More options . From here, mark a notification as read or unread, and on channel notifications you can adjust what kind of activity you get notified about for that specific channel Peace, as they call it, is disabling phone notifications. Set Time Limit on Facebook. Facebook, belonging to the same brethren as Instagram, has almost the same features. Head over to the Settings. When you add more people and like more pages, your notifications will start to blow up. Facebook tells you whenever there's a new post that You might like and update your device. If you have too many notifications, it can be annoying. You can change this by going to your device's notification setting and turn off Facebook

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A bright-red notification can easily lure you to a video you normally wouldn't watch or lead you to read a post by a Facebook group you rarely frequent. Whether this is a good or bad thing highly. Let's dive deeper into how to create an account on Facebook Marketplace. If you do choose to post on Craigslist, be sure to check out our in-depth guide here. How to Post a Vehicle on Facebook Marketplace . If you don't already have a Facebook account, then there's a good chance you've been living under a rock Here's a guide on how to turn on sound for every notification on Facebook app for iPhone. More details can be found right past the jump. Assuming you gave Facebook permission to send you notifications when you first launched it, getting bleeps and bloops to come out of your iPhone when someone mentions you or posts to your wall is a two-step affair

How to Stop Receiving Notifications from Random Friends on Facebook. Use this part of the tip to stop receiving notifications from some of your friends. Skip to the second part to turn off getting Close Friends' activity altogether. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, and go to the profile of the friend you don't want to receive. Meetings: Notifications for when a meeting starts, or when someone posts in a meeting chat. People: Set up notifications to find out when specific individuals become available or go offline. Other: Choose whether to get a notification when someone in your Outlook contacts joins Teams

Lastly, if you commented on a photo or video but didn't also like it, there's no way to find it again if you lose it. You'll only be able to see posts you've liked by tapping the heart button (or double-tapping the post) in the Posts You've Liked section of your profile settings—not posts you've commented on only. So if you want to be able to revisit a post later, make sure you hit that. How to turn off sounds on Facebook for Android. The Facebook sound settings are buried deep in the app's menus, and you can see them ONLY if you use mobile data on your Android smartphone.We're not kidding! After Facebook's recent app updates, the setting to turn off Facebook sounds is displayed ONLY after turning off the Wi-Fi and enabling the mobile data Once you've made your choice, click on the x in the upper-right corner to close out the window. You can then depart this notifications settings page entirely, or you can play around a.

To do so, scroll down to a post from a person or account you follow. Then tap the 3-horizontal dots seen at the top right of the post and tap Turn on Post Notifications. A 'Post notification on' popup will now appear at the top indicating the setting has been enabled. Turn post notifications on or off from the Instagram timeline You can turn to Blogger or WordPress if you plan to use some of the content in your posts for a blog or website. For a more in-depth understanding of this feature, check out Facebook's help page.

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2 Tap Settings. 3 Tap Lock screen. 4 Tap Notifications. 5 Tap the switch if you want to turn off notifications for the lock screen and Always On Display. 6 If you would like notifications to appear on the lock screen but not the Always On Display, tap Show on Always On Display Instead of jumping to hide comments on Facebook posts automatically, ask yourself whether there's another way to resolve the situation. Address the problem. Sometimes, users really are just frustrated. Remember that a bad customer experience turned into a good one can create some of our most vocal advocates for our brands in the long run

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Maybe you added them as a close friends. When you put them as a close friend, it will give you every notification that person has posted. So remove them as close friend, if you do not want to see the person notification at all, just go to the pers.. Learn more at Facebook Newsroom.. 4. Stop getting notifications for things you don't care about. Facebook is all about communicating with friends—it's likely that you comment on status updates as well as on articles shared by pages like Country Living Magazine on a daily basis. However, after you comment on a post, you might start receiving notifications when other users comment on the post.

Facebook has recently made some changes to the Facebook Page design and Facebook Page Admin Panel, so now is a great time to take another look at the Admin Panel and how you can best use it to manage your Facebook Page. NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect the changes made to Facebook Pages in June 2014. [Tweet Demystifying your #FacebookPage Admin Panel Method 1of 3:Seeing Your Saved Posts on the Mobile App. Open Facebook. This app icon looks like a white f on a blue background that you can find on your Home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching. Log in if prompted. Tap ☰. You'll see this on the right side of your screen, next to the bell icon. Tap Saved You will find many other Facebook ban memes on Pinterest. Even on Facebook, people post banned from Facebook memes. Image Source. I assume the Facebook meme creator would get put in Facebook Jail for spreading misinformation. There are many more banned from Facebook memes at this Facebook account. Most contain mature content ALSO READ: Delete Multiple Facebook Posts at once from your Timeline. On iPhone. The process is quite different for iPhone and iPad. In Facebook for iPhone, you can only save one draft at a time. To find the draft, open the Facebook app and look for Finish your previous post? notification at the top of the Home tab. Tap it to find the last draft saved by you Turn off some notifications in the app settings. Facebook's settings are notoriously arcane, but if you take the time to dig into them, you can find a lot of switches to turn off Facebook's.

When you turn on post notifications for someone you follow, you'll get a notification every time that they post a photo or video. People aren't notified when.. For more than 250 members, you'll get a notification any time a Friend posts, or Facebook feels like sending you one. If you're part of an active group, this can mean a dozen or more notifications a day. Here's how to sort that out. Open Facebook, head to the offending group and click on Notifications You will find options to turn push, email, and SMS notifications on and off for various categories in the settings screen. For some features, such as pages you follow and other (game requests, etc.), you can also decide whether or not you want to receive notifications for these. Turn off as many as you feel you need to Allows you to select if you want to get notifications when people who aren't your friends start following you and share, like or comment on your public posts. By default, you can get notifications from Public. 1. Click at the top-right corner and select Settings 2. Click Public Posts on the left 3. Click Edit next to Public Posts Notifications 4 3. Select a notification. Place your mouse's pointer over a notification that you want to delete. Doing so will cause a ⋯ icon and a circle to appear on the right side of the notification. For example, if you want to remove a notification about a friend liking your status, you'd place the mouse cursor over [Name] likes your post: [Post]

How to add your location on Facebook post using a computer. 1. Open Facebook on your Mac or PC and log into your account. 2. Click the white box under Create Post to create a new Facebook post. Messenger in the Facebook Ecosystem. Messenger is a stand-alone app and service from Facebook. Messenger works across your Facebook and Instagram accounts—and there's even an option to use it without a Facebook account. While you can delete the app shortcut and disable notifications and updates, you can't always uninstall it from your phone Facebook keeps track of this statistic for you. In the bottom left-hand corner of each post, you can see how many people have looked at that post. If you have paid to get more traffic, there will be an orange bar under the number. Hover over that to see how many views were paid for, and how many came organically, or for free The Notification Settings page also lets you turn off sound for Facebook notifications, axe them from specific groups or other apps, turn down the frequency of On This Day alerts, and choose what.

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Go on a random post, look in the comment section and find someone else who is a top fan. 4.) Click on their top fan badge and press show all top fans. 5.) It should pop up a list of top fans. If you scroll down, you will see you. 6.) On the right side of your name is a gear icon, press it and turn it on. see more Select Your Time on Facebook. Go to Control your notifications → See settings. Go to Notifications settings. Scroll to Birthdays and disable the birthday notifications. So, if you don't want to get any birthday notifications from Facebook, and you don't want your friends to get notifications about your birthday either, follow the steps.

You will get a notification when a visitor post comes in that you need to go to the Activity Log. This is under settings, at the bottom of the left column. From the Activity Log page, click on Other's Posts to Your Page in the left column. When the posts come up, go to the top right corner and select to approve A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let Facebook know that one of the people in the picture is another Facebook user. Their name is. Boris: In the top right corner of your friend's post, you will see a V. Click on that and you will see Hide Post, Unfollow BLAH and the almost irrelevant Hide all from X

To begin with, Facebook Dating: Start the Facebook application and click on the hamburger menu which is to the upper right side of the Your Feeds tab. Use the link by clicking here. Then click on Dating. Now you need to follow these instructions which will help you set up a dating profile. Once you share your location and add a photo to. You can turn off notifications for Close Friends: You'll automatically get notifications when people on your Close Friends list post to Facebook, but you can turn these notifications on or off: Click down arrow in the top-right and select Settings. Click Notifications in the left column. Click Close Friend Activity, then click On Facebook 1: Click your notifications globe in the upper-left-hand corner of Facebook. When you see the app/game notification you'd like to block, hover over it and an 'X' will appear. Click that 'X'. 2. How to revoke Facebook app permissions. If you've been on Facebook for a while, odds are good that you've tried and abandoned quite a few apps. It's a good idea to clear them out now and then, on.

On desktop disable notifications in the account settings here. This can be done in the mobile app by clicking the three bars to open the menu > settings > notification settings. In the messenger app under settings you can change notifications to turn off vibrate on ring but you can't fully turn off video calls Tap Notifications. Find Words With Friends in the list of apps and select it. From here, you can adjust things like sounds, badges and notification center participation. Android Players. Open Words With Friends. Tap Menu button. Then, tap 'Settings'. In the Miscellaneous section, you can turn on and off background notifications By Liking a page, you've chosen to become a fan so that you get information from the company and the posts they make in your own News Feed on Facebook, but the downside is that simply liking a page does not ensure that a fan is able to see all the brand Facebook posts. In fact, the median reach of Facebook posts by a Page to a fan is 16%. In plain English.fans typically see only 16%. Find earlier memories in the Activity tab on Instagram. ALSO READ: How to turn on post notifications on Instagram. How to Post Memories to Instagram Story. After viewing your old memories, you can share them with a #throwback or #memories hashtag. To post a memory, Tap the Share button next to the memory

To turn off push notifications, go to your device's main settings, and tap to open the Apps menu. Select Messenger, uncheck Show notifications, and then confirm. Though the move to Messenger got rid of the chat head popups for iOS users, they're still present in the Android version To find your post-by-email address, start by clicking at the top right of any Facebook page — where you see an arrow for a drop-down menu. Hit Settings, and on the left side of the screen. How to turn off location on Facebook using a web browser If you are using on web, the location box will be on the left bottom corner on post box that will look like this . You can turn it off easily when you are using Facebook on your computer You've Been Given Notice. You now know how to turn off Notifications on your iPhone! I hope you'll share this article on social media to help your friends and family turn off their iPhone notifications too. If you have any other questions, leave me a comment down below! Thanks for reading, David L Recommended AnswerRecommended Answers ( 1) Hi Rajabu, start by typing from:facebook in the search box at the top of Gmail then ENTER. Check the list to ensure that you have collected the messages you want to delete and no others. Just above the top left of the list, tick the select box to select all the visible conversations Facebook Page Post Metrics. I took a screenshot as I hovered over the image and you can see that I tagged my laptop. I also received notification in the Admin Panel of these events. The photo was visible on the Page under the photos area, but not on the timeline. Photo Tagging for Pages (click to enlarge