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It is always best to check if there are any local laws about cutting a neighbor's trees, but generally, most state and local laws permit you to prune parts of your neighbor's tree that cross the property line into your side without asking your neighbor. You may only prune up to the property line and must stay on your property If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss. If necessary, you can sue to enforce your rights Branches that grow so as to overhang your neighbours' land are trespassing on his air space. The neighbour can chop the branches back to the boundary but he has to return the lopped branches to the.. My neighbor's tree has branches crossing over my fence. Can you cut them back to their side? And while you're at it, can you cut all the roots that are in my lawn? If I had a dime for every time someone asked me that question, I'd be the better looking version of Bill Gates

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You may inform your neighbor of your intent to trim any branches of the tree that hang over your property, straight up from the ground in direct correspondence with the property line. In most states, you as a homeowner have this right so long as the branches do in fact hang over the property line This is a matter of state law when the trees are on privately owned property. There are many, many decisions about who can cut trees on someone else's property, and most of them would put your neighbor in the wrong and permit an award of monetary damages. A quick overview just said more than 10,000

Yes, he does. As long as he cuts only the parts of the tree that goes over to his own side of the fence, he can do so without having to ask for your permission. But there's a catch. An individual is only allowed to trim a neighbor's tree up to the property line. He may not enter the neighbor's property to trim or destroy the tree You could sue the neighbor for damages, which would include the cost of replanting new trees, or you could sell the neighbor a view easement. Look for a local attorney who is experienced in land use issues. The police will unlikely get involved unless you have a video of the neighbor on the property

The basic rule is that someone who cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree without permission owes the tree's owner money to compensate for the harm done. You can sue to enforce that right -- but you probably won't have to, once you tell your neighbor what the law is. My neighbor's tree looks like it's going to fall on my house any day now If half of the tree trunk is contained on your property and the other half is on your neighbor's side, you can still trim the branches that hang over into your yard, however you can't cut it down without your neighbor's permission since you share ownership of it. What Are My Branch/Tree Trimming Rights If your actions cause damage or ultimately kill a neighbor's tree, you may be found liable for up to three times the replacement cost of the tree. Depending on the size and type of the tree, the typical replacement cost can be anywhere from $500 to $3000. Some rare trees can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Trees Blocking Scenic Vie And if I can cut down my beloved Tree of Whizz-dom to make my neighbour happy, you can cut a branch. I wouldn't mount a legal battle against your neighbour. That way lies madness. In the courts.

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  1. Suit for Injunctive Relief. If the roots of neighbor's row of backyard trees next to your fence have invaded your property, causing damage to your hardscape, and/or threatening your home's foundation, suit in court for injunctive relief may be effective to force them to remove their offending trees, and to grind down the stumps to kill the roots, thereby solving your problem, and stopping.
  2. If the problem is one of overhanging branches then the law does allow you to cut back the branches, but you must give the cut branches back to your neighbour. The tree may be subject to a..
  3. Can my neighbours force me to cut down a tree in my garden? Ask a Lawyer: a beloved beech tree overhangs a neighbouring property, who has the legal ownership? Gary Rycroft 12 July 2021 • 6:00a
  4. When you and your neighbour have a disagreement about a tree, what you can do depends on who owns the tree, as well as what your local tree bylaws say. For example, many BC municipalities require property owners to apply for a tree removal permit if they want to cut down a tree above a certain size

If your property borders a road The highways authority can ask you to cut back hedges or trees on your property if they're causing an obstruction in the road. If you refuse, they can go into your.. Can I Force My Neighbour To Cut Their Trees? Overhanging trees can become an issue on your property and you are entitled to trim back parts of any tree that falls inside your boundaries. However you cannot force your neighbour to trim a tree on their property, nor can you enter their property to trim the tree without permission You are not allowed to go into a neighbour's garden without permission to cut a tree back. Nor can you lean over into his garden to cut back the 'offending' branch - you will be trespassing. If you cut the branch back beyond the limit of your property, into the very trunk itself, say, you could be liable for damage or trespass

Trees that grow along property lines can become a point of contention between neighbors. This is especially true if the tree is a nuisance to one person but not the other. A tree that drops messy fruit into a neighbor's pool, for example, may be a huge nuisance There are a number of things you can do if your neighbour's tree is affecting you in this way; however, if possible you should always talk about a solution with your neighbour as a first step. It is always best to keep on good terms with you neighbour and resolve any potential tree issues between you before they get out of hand

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  1. My neighbor or someone in his employ trimmed some limbs from a pear tree growing in my yard. These limbs extended over his property line. This tree is a non-fruiting tree. This neighbor knew the tree existed and that it had some overhang on his property
  2. If half of the tree trunk is contained on your property and the other half is on your neighbor's side, you can still trim the branches that hang over into your yard, however you can't cut it down without your neighbor's permission since you share ownership of it
  3. My neighbor who owns a house behind my house cut tree and bushes on my property . This is the 2nd time this has happened. He cut down one of our trees in 05/2015 while we were not at home. It was reported to Police and he promised us not to come back to our property again. He owned two lots and recently sold one of the lots to his cousin
  4. Without getting into a discussion of the merits of cutting down most of the tree, can the neighbor legally have men work on my property without my permission to cut their tree? 07-30-2014, 06:52 A
  5. When we were pruning a relative's tree last year, the neighbour at the end of his garden asked us to cut it down because the leaves blow into her garden in the autumn. It doesn't even overhang her garden. When I said no, that my relative loves this tree, she said that she didn't like it
  6. Move your bush and hike your drawers to your cranky neighbour. [smilie=013.gif] ;-) 0 like. Reply. emma m (701) 06/10/2009 at 3:16 pm. I think our neighbour comes to cut a bush in our garden as he leaves half cut branches hanging off, i just leave him to it they grow again
  7. Q A tree on my property has branches which grow over my neighbour's garden. Every time this happens, he cuts them back and the tree is dying. Can he do this without permission?A There is a long lin

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Overhanging Branches on Your Property. Even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor's property, you have the responsibility for cutting any branches that extend onto your property line. You are responsible for the cost of cutting any branches you choose to trim. You can cut back anything up to your property line In this instance, have a chat with your neighbour about whether they'd be willing to work with you to maintain the tree, or cut back any part of it that encroaches on your property yourself. The large trees my neighbours have planted will overshadow/block views from our property 1. Talk things out first. You can't march into your neighbor's yard and cut down a tree that isn't yours. But what you can do is express concern that his or her tree is at risk of damaging your property the next time a big storm rolls around. Your neighbor may agree to take it down. Or, if you're really worried, you can offer to split the cost. Is it your property? If you rent then you can't cut down trees. Your landlord has to do it. If it's shared property like a duplex and you own your side, is the tree on your side or theirs? If it's your house and your property and there are no city.. cut it down completely only leaving the stumps. Expert: Remus2004 replied 7 years ago. If this is a jointly owned hedge which is on the boundary then he cannot cut it down without your consent. If however it is not on the boundary, but belongs to him, he can obviously do with it what he likes. If this is jointly owned then had he gone to court.

What you can chop, and what you can't. If attempts to negotiate a solution fail, the law is very clear: since the tree belongs to your neighbour, you can't chop it down. If you cut branches or remove a tree on your neighbour's property, this is trespass and he or she may have a claim for damages covering the cost of replacing the tree. In the case of an obstructed view, there is actually something that you can do about it. First of all (and it may seem obvious), you should attempt to open a line of communication with your neighbor. They may be willing to contact our tree cutting service in Portland and remove the tree without a second thought Can You Legally Cut Branches Hanging Over Your Property Line?. A tree may be planted by neighbors well within the bounds of their property, but over time, some of the branches can extend beyond.

Your neighbor has complained and asked you to cut it down, and you failed to do so. In that case, you might be liable. Can You Remove the Entire Tree? The short answer is no. If the tree trunk is on the property line, you are both equally the owner of the tree. It may not be removed without the agreement of both. Can My Neighbor Come on My Yard My neighbor hired a contractor to remove a tree from their backyard and asked me if it was okay to cut 2 branches from one of my arborvitae trees that were leaning on the roof of their garage. I said sure. I have 20 Arborvitae trees planted along one side of my backyard. These trees are 26 years old and 40 to 50 feet tall can't enter your neighbour's property without permission. can only prune or cut back the branches or roots that are on your property. shouldn't cause any unnecessary damage to the tree. If you cut the branches or dig up roots past your property line, you're trespassing. In that situation, if the tree is damaged or it dies, you may face Can my neighbour cut my tree? If the tree is on your property but hanging over your neighbour's yard, they are within their rights to cut any part of the tree hanging over their side. They will, however, still have to abide by the laws of their local council

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  1. Anyway, my husband went outside and asked her what she was doing, and her reply was a mixture of concern about leaves blowing onto her lawn and wanting to do us a favor because we are such helpful and good neighbors to her
  2. gs back. Equally any fruit on trees, even if they are growing on branches which overhang your property, still belongs to your neighbour. You are therefore stealing if you pick these for yourself without your neighbours' permission. Neighbour cut my trees right back
  3. Your neighbour could be granted an access order by a court if they give any of the following reasons: To maintain, renovate or repair an existing property or structure (or parts of it) that can only be accessed via your land. To clear a sewer, pipe, drain or repair cables. To fill in or remove a ditch. To remove a tree, plant or hedge (or parts.
  4. al offence to refuse to carry out the work requested by the council, and can incur a £1,000 fine. The council can also enter the property to carry out the work themselves and bill the garden's owner. Can I trim a big tree in my own garden
  5. Can my neighbour attach things to the fence in MY garden on MY side of the fence? He has entered my garden without even asking me or telling me what the problem is & put ugly pieces of wood all along my side. Your neighbours are within their rights to cut any plant, bush or tree that grows through your fence: he'd trimmed back my.
  6. My neighbor has planted vines & have taken over my chain link fence. They extend about 18>>24 on to my property . Can I cut them back to the fence? Can I through the cut off vine back over their side. They tell me to just push it back thru the fence. our response might differ significantly. Without the opportunity to ask you questions.

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Cutting a tree. If the roots or branches of your neighbour's tree encroach on your land, you can cut them back to the boundary line. In law, this is called abatement. If you don't want to do this yourself you can ask a district court for an order for the trimming or even removal of the tree 1) Firstly one tree is a eucalyptus and they say it should be pruned only in Feb/March so I am not allowed to prune back outside of these dates. 2) Secondly the large tree over growing my garden is on the boundary of 3 properties; my property, my neighbours property who owns the tree and a third neighbour whose garden the tree is also overhanging Generally after the order is made, your neighbours will have 20 days to carry out the order. It is also possible that that the order can require you to do ongoing work, such as keeping the trees trimmed. In short, unless the trees on your property constitute a genuine danger to your neighbours and their property or if the nuisance the trees.

What you need to know. If any branches or roots from trees on your property cross a boundary, your neighbour has the right to cut or trim them. However, they may still need resource consent to do so. If a tree on your property endangers life or property or diminishes their property, as a last resort, your neighbour can apply for a court order. Q My neighbour's tree overhangs my garden. Can I cut it back? A You should write (keep a copy) to your neighbour expressing your concern and ask them to have the tree's health checked by an arboriculturist. As a last resort, it may be possible to get a court injunction requiring an owner to deal with a dangerous tree, or the local. Any modifications and attachments can only be done by the legal owner, meaning your neighbor, even if the side of the fence is facing their house, cannot legally change anything on your fence. If your neighbors attach anything to your fence without your permission, you have the right to sue them, call the police, or get a mediator If your neighbour doesn't need to access your land for repairs, then they should not come onto your land without permission, this would be trespass. There are a number of ways that you can deal with the situation. Firstly, you could try to approach the neighbour and ask them to stop entering your land

You can start by discussing your concerns with your neighbour and asking him to cut them. If your neighbour refuses, you can ask a court to order him to cut them. But to get a court order, you must prove that they are seriously interfering with your use of your property. Your complaint must be based on a serious problem The neighbor can also opt for this, to ensure that you are also responsible for your plants. Always be polite and take action when it is allowed. Conclusion. When deciding about cutting the hedge, always try putting yourself in your neighbor's shoes. You could also not be satisfied if your neighbor cut your hedge without consulting with you Is it illegal to cut the hedge between me and my neighbour? You are allowed, by law, to prune the roots or branches of a hedge if it's a nuisance and protruding into your garden. And therefore your neighbour can do the same if it's your hedge. If the height is the problem do not attempt to trim it without advice from a property solicitor. Party Wall Act 1992. Entering a neighbours property without prior consent from the house owner is illegal. You are not allowed to enter your neighbours garden to build a loft extension, look for a ball or erect scaffolding. A court order must be sort for repair or preservation work if you are refused to carry out these needed repairs My neighbour's tree is overhanging into my garden. Do I have the right to prune back the branches? A landowner may cut off any tree branches which over-hangs his/her property without giving notice to the owner of the tree providing the branches which overhang are interfering with the property and causing a nuisance, i.e. (a tort which involves an act or omission which amounts to unreasonable.

Always seek specialist council or arborist advice before cutting down a tree - you can ask on Neighbourly You're legally allowed to trim branches and roots from your neighbour's tree if they. What can I do if my neighbour's tree drops branches into my backyard some of the time and drops berries, fruit, twigs and leaves which need sweeping all of the time? without needing the tree owner's permission. This is how the next If another man's tree overhangs my land, I may lawfully cut the overhanging branches. Although the. Most shears can easily cope with cutting through culms up to 2-inches in diameter. If you're dealing with thicker culms, an electric chainsaw would be more efficient. After cutting, apply a nitrogen rich fertilizer to the soil to encourage new growth. It definitely does seem counter- productive but there is a reason to this mad suggestion

Everything revolving around neighbour's trees is guided and controlled by the Tree Disputes Between Neighbours Act 2006.. As a result, in most parts of NSW, you have to obtain consent from a neighbour before you can cut their overhanging trees. This is for trees that do not require a permit from the council Also, my neighbor's tree looks as if it's going to fall on my house any day now. What should I do? Answers: Trees can give your property shade in the summer time, a home for song birds and. HI, My neighbor cut a tree that was on the property line (majority of it was on my property) yesterday without asking permission. I came home and part of my fence was down and 2 birdhouses were remove read mor

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1. Likes Received: 0. Trophy Points: 0. Recently (March 26), a neighbor hired a tree service company to cut down a couple of trees, one of which was on his property and one that was on ours. We received a note on our door two days prior to the trees being cut down advising us to move our vehicles so that they would not be damaged by falling limbs A tree company came into my yard and cut my trees without my permission. My neighbors want me to cut down the pine trees that border our yards. The trees are on my property. I like them and they give us privacy. I made that very clear to my neighbors. I came home from work one day to find that a tree company that my neighbors hired, came onto. Massachusetts law doesn't allow an individual to enter or cross a neighbor's land for these reasons without the neighbor's permission, nor to eliminate some branches or added vegetation within the limits of the neighbor's land. This is known as the Massachusetts Rule. Utility Tree Cutting. There have been many recent disagreements. Can my neighbours force me to cut down a tree in my garden? the local planning department to see if your tree can have a TPO placed on it. Local authorities will often issue a tree with TPO status if they fear it is at risk. If this can be done without you being implicated, it may also ensure that all important cordial relations with your.

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Re: Can My Neighbor Cut My Trees in an Easement Area on My Land. Well, you should consult a lawyer who can actually review the documents involved, but most likely if he has such an easement and a tree in the easement precludes him using it for that purpose, yes he can generally remove it. It's your tree, so you can claim the wood if you want Yes, you can ask your neighbor to cut his tree down if they are causing you issues such as casting shadows, roots causing foundational damage, and blocking your view. You might not be successful right away, but there are some good tips here on how to approach your neighbor Situation 2. Branches of the neighbor's tree hang in my yard. Can I trim them without permission? If any limbs extend over the property line, they fall into that neighbor's jurisdiction. The law allows tree trimming up to the property line, nothing further. Situation 3. Leaves from the neighbor's tree consistently clog my gutters and fill. For example, if you want to decrease the intrusion of the hedges into your yard, you could agree to cut back the limbs that extend in your direction. Your neighbor, however, can choose to allow.

If your neighbor's branches are hanging over your yard, you can prune the branches back to the property line as long as you don't destroy the tree or go on your neighbor's property without permission My Neighbor's Trees & Limbs Damaged My Property. If the fallen tree or limbs were the fault of a natural occurrence or an Act of God, the property owner is not generally held responsible for the damage. However, if the fallen tree or limb is because of homeowner neglect, then there is a legal cause for damages and recovery

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Q: Last week as I was about to cut down a tree in my yard that was dumping leaves into my pool, my neighbor came running out of his house to tell me I could be in trouble for doing this without. Can I cut and give my neighbour's branches back to him? Even touching your neighbour's garden without good reason is technically a trespass. partition, shrub, tree, wall or other.

Submit your question to news@kplctv.com. Question: Can tree limbs overhanging from my neighbor's yard be cut? They are making a mess of my pool. They can be cut but should not be done without the tree owner's knowledge and consent. Civil Code Article 688 is on point: A landowner has the right to demand that the branches or roots of a neighbor's trees, bushes or plants, that extend over. When a Neighbor Kills Your Tree By Digging. FindLaw says, Anyone who engages in tree removal, tree cutting, or injury to the tree without the owner's permission is liable for compensating the tree owner. This can happen accidentally if your neighbor digs in their yard where some roots from your tree are spreading underground, then uses. Spann, 671 S.W.2d 909 (Tex. App. - Corpus Christi 1984, writ ref'd n.r.e.). Tree limbs that have encroached over a property in excess of 10 years may present an exception to the general right to trim the branches and limbs that extend over a property. To avoid liability, consider whether cutting the limbs will cause harm to the tree If the roots, or at least some of them, can be safely cut without hurting the tree, then your neighbor has a right to ask you to do it. Or, even if it would harm the tree, if the damage they are doing to the neighbor's property is substantial, then maybe the roots and tree need to go

Can you cut the roots on your neighbor's tree?Can you cut the branches of your neighbor's tree?Transcript:Gus: I have a neighbor and he has five huge oak tr.. If you do intend to remove encroaching tree roots you should bear in mind the following matters: The possibility that you may commit a trespass If you remove tree roots beyond the boundary line without your neighbour's permission then you will commit a trespass and a claim for trespass could be pursued against you through the Courts

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  1. My neighbour has leant over our 5ft wall and cut down the mature tree at the bottom of my garden without consultation or consent. I was on holiday at the time and he dumped the remains in my garden
  2. g, filing a lawsuit only as a last resort. Enforcing a view ordinance can take a long time, however, since the courts may be backlogged and any decision may be appealed
  3. My neighbor demanded that I cut off my tree as he claims that it poses danger to his property. While I admit that the current position of my tree threatens his property, I wonder if I can ask my neighbor to share the expenses in removing my tree since it is really large, and it will be costly for sure
  4. a request for your neighbour to pay for those costs and how they'll do that; and; a request that they fix the problem removing parts of the tree if needed. You should send your neighbour a copy of the letter and keep a copy yourself. Your neighbour has a legal obligation to respond to the letter within 21 days and fix the problem. My.
  5. Q: My neighbor wants to cut down a tree that provides privacy and shade for my backyard. It's growing on the property line, so who owns it? A: The ownership of a tree that is located on or near the property boundary can be complex: trees with a portion of the trunk straddling the boundary line are considered co-owned, belonging to both.

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  2. Tree disputes. The Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006, called the 'Trees Act', provides a much cheaper and simpler method for resolving some of the tree disputes between neighbours than the legal remedy that was previously available.Before the Trees Act, a common law action for nuisance had to be taken in the Supreme Court. Now, an application can be made to the Land and.
  3. Also note that any fruit, roots or branches you remove from the neighbour's tree belongs to the neighbour and you should ask if they would like these returned to them. There are no simple rules about who is responsible for the cost of pruning or cutting down a tree that affects neighbours - again it is best to discuss and come to an agreement.
  4. al offense if the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order)
  5. Question. My garden and that of our neighbour is divided by a hedge. We each trim our own sides to about 4ft high. He now wants to substitute a trellis-topped 6ft solid fence, insisting he has the right to remove the hedge
  6. One of my neighbours cut the next door neighbour's hedge because it was getting a bit wild and he thought he was doing the neighbour a favour by getting his gardener to cut about 2 feet off the top. The neighbour on whose side of the boundary the hedge was planted called the Gardai and complained that the neighbour who had the hedge cut had.

The 16 Biggest Reasons Your Neighbors Are Likely to Report You. It's been said that Good fences make good neighbors, but getting along with your neighbor takes more than just putting up a. Even though you may have been entitled to cut off the branch overhanging the property boundary and the tree's death was unintentional, you may find you will have to compensate you neighbour. The removed limbs and roots remain the property of your neighbour - so set an agreement on the disposal of material with your neighbour prior to the start. An encroachment is tresspass without permission, and you can do something about it. If your neighbor has taken a few feet of your land when building his fence, you can take steps to take back your. 32-Veronicca Street, New York. May 22, 2012. Mr. Steven Harris. 31-Veronicca Street, New York. Dear Mr. Harris, You have been a wonderful neighbor to us and I want to personally say goodbye to you through this letter. Our family will be leaving town to move abroad because I have been offered a good job there