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Huge Range Of Motorhomes. Lowest Prices - Book On Mobile Now Hier kostenlos & schnell den Preis deines Gebrauchtwagens bestimmen Class C motorhomes are typically easier to drive than the larger Class A models considering they are smaller in size and, as we mentioned previously, are built on a truck chassis. These mid-sized RVs range in size, but most Class C RVs fall in between 20 ft. to 30 ft. in length Owning an RV is expensive. Renting an RV is also expensive; however, it may also save you thousands of dollars. Class C's average around $50,000 when buying new. Renting is about $150 a day To be clear, Class A RVs aren't bad options, but you can get a Class C one for about $15k less, even if both options are the same length. Be sure to study each of your RV options carefully to find the perfect option that meets your needs. Class C Recreational Vehicle benefit

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Many older, well-maintained luxury RVs maintain their original beauty, but looks alone are a bad reason to buy. The truth is that although a coach may look good, it may well be eroding from the inside out. For example: Old wiring will be brittle, fragile, and easily damaged Buying a used RV can be one of the smartest moves. You'll get the RV you want at a fraction of the price that it costs to get that model new. That's why used RVs are so appealing to a wide variety of customers. However, that doesn't mean you should go out and buy a 1980s Class A and drive off into the sunset Here is what we learned to ask before buying any used RV. When we bought our first RV, Franklin, back in 2014, we were less than equipped to be RV shopping. In fact, before buying Franklin, we only looked at one other Class C motorhome. The other used RV threw up a lot of red flags Buying a 20-year old motorhome isn't like buying a 20-year old car. The considerations shouldn't be the same. There's also this At this time, a 20-year old RV is a 1996 model. Well, they had nice RVs back in 1996. An RV that would have been a luxurious expensive purchase in 1996 can now be had for pennies on the dollar Exclusive Class C Motorhomes For Sale By Owner listings. Find Class C Motorhomes for sale nationwide on NationalVehicle.com. Seller Support 800-320-9557; Buyer Support 800-516-1570; Free RV Valuation. Sell your RV. 2020 Grand Design Imagine . $32,000. Harrisville, N

This young millennial couple learned how to update an older motorhome on the fly and is transforming a 15-year-old Class C into the coach of their dreams. Photos by Becka Kwiatkowski Becka and Nick purchased their first motorhome with the intention of remodeling it Let's talk about the reasons to avoid Class C RVs: #1 Rough Ride. Not many RVs provide a smooth ride. But, Class C RVs are notoriously rough. Most of the units are built on an F-350 or F-450 base. This style doesn't have much-added suspension. Compared to a Class A RV, Class Cs will leave a lot to be desired on travel day Type A motorhomes, the heaviest and typically the roomiest, begin at $60,000 and climb above $500,000. Type B and Type C motorhomes, smaller and lighter than Type As, cost anywhere from $60,000 to.. Even the cheapest Class C motorhomes cost about $60,000. Sure, there are quite a few cars, trucks, and SUVs that cost the same, if not more. For example, many Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler owners accessorize their off-roaders to that price point. However, a Gladiator is easier to live with on a daily basis

Why we recommend Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome: One of the oldest and the highly recommended class Cs - RVingplanet or otherwise - is Thor motorhomes, especially the Chateau class C motorhome. Priced a few thousand dollars under 60 grand and you're still getting a choice of over 10 floorplans, a range of different sleeping capacities, and a large list of luxurious features The Sunseeker MBS series motorhomes are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cutaway and also offer standard cabover bunk or optional Trekker Cap. Finally, the TS series is a nimble Class C built on the Ford Transit chassis. Chassis Ford E-450. Engine 6.8L Triton V-10. GVWR 14,500 lbs Cruise America has well-maintained, fully refurbished Class C motorhomes for sale. Fully Refurbished. Looking forward to spending more time on the open road? Buying a safe, dependable used RV for sale from Cruise America is a decision you can feel good about. Fly and Buy Rebate. Purchase a Class C motorhome from us and we will pay for your.

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  1. If you are looking to buy a Class C motorhome, the Leisure Travel Van's Wonder series could be a good choice to look into. This model is an amazing Class C RV and possesses all of the features you would expect in a luxury RV. The fit and finish and interior components all look and function seamlessly
  2. A class A will generally cost more than a class C motorhome. If you're on a tight budget, you'll probably be better off buying a class C motorhome versus a class A motorhome. This is especially true when choosing a larger motorhome. The reason for this is that smaller motorhomes tend to cost more per foot than larger ones do
  3. The best website to buy or sell used rvs for sale by owner. Find used motorhomes, used 5th wheels and for sale by owner trailers. List your used RV for sale for a one time listing fee until sold
  4. The Class C motorhome is a good go-between when compared to the Class A and B motorhomes. Class C motorhomes are built on large van or truck chassis and resemble Class B motorhomes except they are larger and have a cab. The motor compartment is often external, towards the front of the vehicle, unlike the engine compartment of a Class A
  5. Class C: These use a cutaway chassis, combining a van cab front with an RV shell that typically includes an over-the-cab sleeping area. Class C can be the most affordable all-in-one models
  6. Now, I've driven Class A's, and I think that they were a little harder to drive. I would recommend taking lessons for a Class A; a good dealer will offer lessons. If you've driven a U-Haul, you're good to go with a Class C. A Class B is basically a van. If you're towing an RV, I was intimidated at first, but after a few weeks I felt very.
  7. The key to buying this type of Class C RV is to get the right floor plan. To maximize comfort & storage capacity you want the Class C RV floorplan with a corner bed. This gives you a bed on the main floor, and doesn't require you to climb up into bed everynight

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Used Class C Motorhomes for Sale in California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. RV Country has a great selection of used class C motorhomes for sale in California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.A class C motorhome is notable for being that sweet spot between a truck and a camper, making it perfect for those who want to start into motorized RVing for the first time I would suggest an older Class A Diesel Pusher that is in good condition. Dean Spivey on July 13, 2019: I am wanting to purchase a motor home. We will use it about once a quarter and a week or during the summer. Since i am rather tall the class c doesn't have as much leg room (usually ford bodies). The class a are nice but cost more Typically, a Class C will cost about $15k less than a similarly appointed Class A of the same length. This is one reason why Class C is the most popular type of RV for rentals. Here, you can find an article I wrote where I give 13 tips for buying a Class C, including whether or not to buy it new or used, renting, and other tips

Here's what to consider when buying a Class C RV. Floorplan Options. Choosing a floorplan that works for you and your travel mates is the top concern when choosing an RV. But with a Class C motorhome, space often comes at a premium. Taking a careful look at the available floorplans for each model above can help you narrow down your top picks Huge Range Of Motorhomes. Lowest Prices - Book Online Now In my area there are 2 large companies that have rental sales, Cruise America and El Monte RV,who also sell Class A RVs. First up was El Monte RV Their units are production RVs that are made by major manufactures, with TV antennas and hookups inside and out, Ducted A/C and heat, 2 house batteries, a rear ladder and parts are readily available.

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2021 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B 24' Class C Motorhome C602762. $51,800.00. 26 bids. Ending Today at 10:19AM PDT. 6h 3m Local Pickup Tiffin Motorhomes; When buying your Class C motorhome from Lazydays, you'll find plenty of options. Choose from gasoline or diesel with increased hauling capabilities. Pick from a huge variety of floor plans, with the option of multiple slideouts. Get in touch with our experts today to see if a Class C motorhome is right for you Buying an RV is a long process and a big investment which is why you want to get it right the first time around. Now, how to do that We are 30 years old and we are getting ready to purchase our 4 th RV, so needless to say, we know the process better than we would like to admit. Lucky you, we are going to share all of our hard earned, money pit, time consuming, mistake ridden knowledge on. Of course, they also get a measly 4-6 miles to the gallon and can be incredibly expensive, with certain top-of-the-line models going for up to half a million dollars or more. That said, you can certainly find Class A motorhomes more affordable, especially if you're willing to buy used Theyre Class A, Class B, and Class C. A Class C model has its own distinction of being the middle ground between a Class A RV and a Class B motorhome. Essentially, they include different features, such as a cabin chassis, and as with other RV types, they vary in size and design

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A Class C motorhome can usually only tow a toad that weighs around 6500, so there is that limitation as well. 19. Less Floor Plan Room Than Other RV Options. Class C motorhomes are right smack in the middle when it comes to size when you are talking about the different classes of motorhomes Class C Motorhomes This classic style RV is most recognizable among the RV traveling community. This one stand-out feature of this style of a motorhome is that there is a separate driving compartment with the living space located in the rear Re: Should I buy an RV. 11 years ago. Save. Class C - a five year old, about 26 footer will cost you about $40,000 USD. Make *sure* you buy one with a slideout. Keep it 10 years, take care of it and you will still be able to sell it for around $12,000. That's about $3,000 per year

Research new and used recreation vehicle pricing, specs, photos and more for everything from travel trailers to truck campers Work and the Benefits of Having One in Your RV The Complete Guide to Leveling Your RV Correctly 6 Best WiFi Boosters for RVs: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 Good Bones vs. Bad News: How to Restore an Old. The Class C motor home, or mini motor home, is a recreational vehicle built on a cut-away van or truck chassis, including the cab.Many Class C motor homes are roughly the size and shape of rental moving trucks. It differs from the Class B motor home in that the Class C chassis comes with the cab from the manufacturer RV manufacturers carefully choose their decor based on trends. By the time your RV is a few years old, your decor might no longer seem as attractive as it once did. This is especially true if you're buying an older model that's already a bit dated. Switching up the decor in your RV isn't that easy because of their minimalist nature

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The class C motorhome is a motorized RV with a lot of amazing options and floorplans to choose from. Built on a truck chassis, the class C motorhome handles like a truck, making it an easy motorized RV for you to get behind the wheel of, even if you have never driven one before. class C motorhomes are a favorite among RVers because they provide. Old, blackened, crumbling, or moldy caulk could be a sign that water is getting in and creating a lemon of an RV. 9. Check that the Roof is Stable. Walk around the roof (carefully!) and make sure it feels sturdy and stable beneath your feet. If there's too much give, it's probably rotted. 10. Buy Your Used RV From a Reliable RV Reselle

Class C Motorhomes. The Mini Motorhome. 1; 2; 3 Need to Find a Schematic for an Old Voltage Converter. Rayzen; May 2, 2020; Replies 1 Views 1K. May 9, 2020 Average Cost For New Class C RVs. On average, new Class C motorhomes are priced between $50,000 and $100,000. Most popular brands of Class C RVs fall in this range. New Super C's range anywhere from $100,000 to beyond $250,000. Overall, Class C RVs are considered to be an affordable and economical choice for everyone from weekend warriors to.

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2010 Forest River 3100 C Class Motorhome. St. Catharines 30/06/2021. 2010 Ford E450 Forest River Sunseeker 31 Foot C Class motorhome. 58000km's, 6.8litre triton V10 gas, automatic overdrive, reverse camera, power awning, rooftop a/c with heat strip My own RV suffered this problem, but I was able to negotiate with the seller to have it fixed at his expense. Size Matters! Buying the biggest most luxurious RV you can afford is a typical rookie mistake. I would argue that smaller is almost always better when it comes to Class A motorhomes. Huge RV's really limit where you can camp 1999 Tioga Class C Motor Home RV 23ft With Original 42k Miles Clean. $21,500 (inl > Corona) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $40,000 When you haven't driven an RV before, it's pretty intimidating to imagine driving one - especially if you have a small car. Here are a few tips to guide you as you prepare for driving a Class C motorhome for the first time. Do a test run. Have you rented a moving fan and driven it across town? Driving your Class C isn't all that different

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  1. 4. Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome. If you want to own a class C motorhome with functional layouts with all the necessary features at a budget-friendly cost, Jayco Melbourne might be a great choice for you. It is constructed on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis along with a V6 Turbo 188 HP diesel engine, 325 lbs. Torque and electronic fuel injection
  2. We sell a range of Class C units, from efficient small motorhomes that are less than 25 feet to Super C motorhomes that are nearly 40 feet long. At Camping World, we want you to enjoy RV living in a Class C motorhome, whether you're in a couple-focused front living motorhome, a diesel motorhome, a family-style bunkhouse or the unique Class C.
  3. Based in Forest City, Iowa. Winnebago is a well established RV manufacturer that has been making RVs since 1958. The newest addition to the Winnebago small Class C RV line up is the Ekko on the Ford Transit chassis. Popular small Class campers by Winnebago include the View/Navion on the Mercedes Chassis
  4. west virginia (old) (wva) western KY (wky) winston-salem, NC (wsl) youngstown, OH (yng) zanesville / cambridge (zvl) + show 77 more... miles from zip. price. make and model 2006 Four Winds Class C Motorhome $15,000 (hts > Raceland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $2,750. favorite this post Jul 2
  5. July 12, 2021 at 12am to July 19, 2021 at 7pm. Good Old RV's Annual Camp Out.Many campsites with water and 15/30 amp electric service.Outdoor bathroom and shower building.RV dump station.July 17th Saturday night potluck and bonfire.All pets are welcome here.Camping is free for GORV members.Membership at GORV's is also free as well.Donations for.
  6. Class A Motorhome Tires. This class is for huge RVs - they're the largest tires available on the market for motorhomes. They support somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 pounds. They can also fit on an RV that's up to 40 feet long. Class B Motorhome Tires. Although you'd probably expect Class C to be the smallest tires, Class B tires are.

1,897. New 2021 Winnebago Navion 24J Winnebago Navion Class C. diesel motorhome 24J for sale at Johnson RV#15292: U-Shaped. Dinette Two HDTVs Single Slide Bunk Over Cab S.. A Class C Motorhome is typically an RV with the living accommodations built on a cutaway van chassis. A full-size bed in the cabover section allows for ample seating, galley and bathroom facilities in the RV coach. Also called a mini-motorhome or mini, lengths range from approximately 16 to 32 feet. Find your Class C RV from these sellers.

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2013 21Ft Spree Escape by Kz. $10,000 (Houston) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $27,900. favorite this post. Jul 9. 2021 Crossroads Zinger Lite 270 bunk house w/slide! Sleeps 10! $27,900 One of several new floorplans for 2019, the Thor Motor Coach Quantum CR24, a 25-foot, 8-inch Class C motorhome on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cutaway chassis with 3.0-liter 188-hp V-6 diesel engine, features a completely unique front living room layout, according to Thor's Northeast Sales Manager, Joe Barlich I am a long-time RV owner, and pretty mechanically inclined. But I have never owned a diesel vehicle. We are in the market for a used 34 MAXIMUM LENGTH diesel pusher. We want ample torque to be able to get the rig and our 5K toad up any hills; so the Tiffin Allegro Breeze is not an option. Due to the economy, the options for the 2008-2016. Another popular segment within the RV industry is Class B+ motorhomes. These models are smaller and more fuel efficient compared to a Class C. Many buyers like the size and maneuverability associated with this type of recreational vehicle. New Class C motorhomes start at around $78,000 and can go as high as $250,000 for a deluxe model The Class C+ or Super C. More RVers are considering class C motorhomes for its relative crashworthiness. and highway control when designed with good specifications. Higher quality class C motorhomes are not for the faint of pocket. Ranging anywhere from $85,000 to $500,000 and higher, you get what you pay for - but, you will end up with an RV.

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  1. Essentially, a Class-A-Motorhome this small is sort of kinda like a Class C Motorhome with a better turning radious and improved GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Also, the thought occurred to us that a lot of people have made a large investment in their various recreational vehicles (RVs) and they may also have questions about these rigs
  2. The efficiency of the actual engine is still a huge variable, but small Class C RVs tend to be much more fuel-efficient than their larger counterparts. Cost. With motorhomes, you pay for every square inch of space you buy. That means smaller Class C RVs tend to have much lower upfront costs
  3. If you're planning to go big, a new Class A motorhome starts — yes, starts — around $40,000 to $200,000, according to Camper Guide; with all the bells and whistles, they can push a million bucks.One of the most expensive, the EleMMent Palazzo, comes in at a whopping $3 million. Smaller motorhomes won't approach seven figures, but still range from about $40,000 to $100,000
  4. Even though the new RV is only 1 foot longer than our old Class C, we feel like we have a TON more space in the Class A. And the storage space is unbelievable. We also have so much more sitting space inside and workspace, since we also have an awesome dedicated desk in the front seat (it's a amazing). Final Thoughts on a Class A vs. Class C R
  5. Our professionally trained drivers come to you, verify the condition and operation of your coach, and approve the purchase. Our accounting department transfers the funds directly into your bank account. Get Cash today! (855) 674-3206. Sell Us Your RV

We sell a range of Class C units, from efficient small motorhomes that are less than 25 feet to Super C motorhomes that are nearly 40 feet long. At Gander RV, we want you to enjoy RV living in a Class C motorhome, whether you're in a couple-focused front living motorhome, a diesel motorhome, a family-style bunkhouse or the unique Class C toyhauler There are endless options when it comes to buying an RV and pros and cons to each. Here is the ultimate guide to each different kind of RV. Click To Tweet. Now within these three types, there are quite a few different options. There are Class A motorhomes (and B's and C's). There are travel trailers and fifth wheels The more you know about cars and are able to work on them yourself, the better you'll do shopping for a Class B RV old enough to fall in this price range. The nice part about buying a 1990's vehicle is the 25 years of experience people have had with them High-End and High-Price: Class As can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to a few million dollars.Class A is the most luxurious and spacious of the motorhomes, so be aware. Size: Class A is the largest type of motorhome, and they come in several sizes. Diesel or Gas: Most Class A motorhomes run on diesel fuel, but smaller models might run on gas

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  1. If youre in the market for a Class C, this 2021 Jayco Seneca 37K could be what youre looking for. This Seneca Class C peacefully sleeps 8. And a master bedroom conveniently located in the Center. This Seneca Class C has a lot to offer the RV adventurer, like a Front kitchen wi..
  2. Thinking about buying New and Used Motorhomes RVs for sale? Use our RV Trader list to find the best prices on Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels and more. Browse the largest list of RVs for sale and contact an RV dealer near you
  3. Sale Price $237,691. MSRP $237,691. Unlock Lowest Prices. Pricing Information. See America for Less. $44.71 / day *. *Monthly payment of $1,360/mo based on 15% down, 5.24% APR & 240 Months. Daily value is calculated by monthly payment $1,360 multiplied by 12 months divided by 365 days to equal $44.71 / day
  4. With all old RV flooring removed it was time to install new flooring from the cab of our class C motorhome all the way back through the bathroom to the bedroom. We decided to keep the carpet in the bedroom for now. We chose Stainmaster vinyl plank flooring from Lowes..

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New 2022 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 24F. New Class C in Alvarado, Texas 76009. MSRP $126,142. The new 2022 Thor Motor Coach Chateau Class C RV 24F is approximately 24 feet 11 inches in length featuring the new Ford chassis with a 7.3L V8 engine, 350HP and 468lb-ft of torque Super Class C motorhomes are the GrandDaddy of Class C motorhomes. Super C's are typically built on a class 5 through class 8 chassis, which is a commercial class of workhorse trucks for towing and carrying heavy loads. This design allows for a higher quality build in RV beyond that of Class A Motorhomes New 2022 Entegra Coach Odyssey 24B New Class C in Alvarado, Texas 76009. MSRP $126,423. New 2022 Entegra Odyssey 24B Luxury Class C RV. The Odyssey features a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof, front and rear stabilizer bars, Hellwig Helper springs, and the all-new Ford V8 and E-450 chassis A new RV loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot, so you will never get all the money back that you paid for it. A used RV will also lose value as it gets older and you put more miles on it, but the depreciation isn't nearly as drastic as with a new RV. We put a lot of miles on our first 13-year old used RV, but because we had done.

Class C Motorhomes: Class C motorhomes are essential scaled-down versions of Class A motorhomes, maxing out at about 36′. The price tag for a new Class C motorhome starts between $50,000 and $80,000. Travel Trailer: Travel trailers are non-motorized recreational vehicles that must be towed by another vehicle. Standard travel trailers cost. Oliver Travel Trailers. 8. Pleasure-Way. 9. Winnebago. The 3 Worst RV brands ( In Our Humble Opinion) 1. Airstream. Airstream is one of the oldest RV manufacturers, and as such, have long prided themself on continually pushing the boundaries and perpetually improving their designs

See How This Couple Remodeled A 1989 Class C Motorhome. By Nikki Cleveland Builds, Makeovers, Videos. Michael and Jenny Justus from DuetJustus on Youtube ditched their 9-5 jobs to RV full-time and bought a 1989 Ford Yellowstone Camino Classic motorhome for only $4,000. It seemed like such a steal, considering the RV was safe to drive These Class C camper 31-foot models come with the SmoothTECH™ ride enhancement by MORryde®. This suspension package is the same trusted system used in ambulances and provides a smooth ride to every destination. Simply turn on cruise control and let the Four Winds take you there RV Rear Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount Motorhome Class A B C $0 (Sandia Park ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $30,000. favorite this post Jul 25 Itasca Navion 2006 23J $30,000 (tijeras) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $41,500. favorite this post Jul 2

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Class C - Motorhome 30' - 2 Slide Sheridan, IN. 2014 Fleetwood Storm Class A - Gas Motorhome 28' - 2 Slides fall and early winter can be a good time buying motorhomes for sale by owner. maintenance and other costs, an RV that's three years old can cost about half the price of a new one. Motorhomes-For-Sale-By-Owner.com is part of the. New & Used Class C Motorhomes For Sale in Ocala, Florida at Optimum RV. Browse our great selection of both New & Used Class C Motorhomes for sale from top brands like Coachmen, Four Winds, Itasca, Jayco and more! We are located in Ocala, Florida near Orlando FL, Daytona Beach FL & Gainesville FL Take this checklist with you to ensure you make the right decision. Class, A, Diesel, Toy Hauler, B, B+, C, C+, Super C The good news is that many RVs accumulate mileage slowly. While they may be driven long distances, it may not happen often. For instance, our Class A motorhome has accumulated less than 60 thousand miles in almost 10 years of service. We think this is about the norm, but remember that each RVer has their own way of living their RV lifestyle

Shop trailers for sale by Forest River, Thor Motor Coach, Coachmen, Nexus Rv, Winnebago, Tiffin Motorhomes, Dynamax Corporation, and more OVER 650 RVS TO CHOOSE FROM. 50 YEARS It is not that all RV's will be this heavy, it all depends on the class of your RV. A luxurious class A motorhome that can be as lengthy as 40 feet will weigh anything in between 25000 to 40000 pounds. A class C on the other hand is just a little less than class A. It can be of a length that is upto 30 feet with a minimum of 20 feet and can.

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Gas and Diesel Motorhomes for Sale at General RV. There's a motorhome for everyone at General RV. Our inventory includes thousands of gas and diesel motorhomes in Class A, Class B, and Class C body styles. You'll even find a few toy hauler motorhomes. You can browse by floorplan style, sleeping capacity, length, and more! Class A Gas. Motorhomes Class B & C Motorhomes for Sale in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Beckley's RVs offers the best prices and the best selection of both class B motorhomes and class C motorhomes for sale in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The class B motorhome is built on a van chassis, making it very maneuverable on the road, but still being packed with a ton of amazing. The luxurious and nimble Qwest is a shorter, diesel-powered Class C motorhome built on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 cutaway sprinter chassis. CLICK HERE. The Entegra Coach Accolade. The powerful Accolade Super C is built on a premium Freightliner® S2RV chassis. With the E-Z™ Drive Premier package, Accolade delivers the most in power and performance

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Whether you have a Class A, Class B, Class C, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer, RV New England makes it easy to sell your used RV for more money. We also handle all title work and come to you, We buy RV's of any type from any year. Call us at 1-800-291-RVNE or fill out the form below and we will get right back to you NeXus RV - Nexus RV, class B+, class A, class C, super C, diesel pusher motorhome RVs At Nexus RV, we believe in manufacturing a superior built motor home. We are known in the industry for exclusive manufacturing philosophies, which begin with our strong foundation of high strength low alloy 20-gauge steel framing Say that you're planning on buying a used RV. Use these numbers to figure out what a good year to buy from would be, meaning the years when RVs depreciates the most. Let's look at some examples. Class A's depreciates almost 4% on average between year 5 and 6, that's some savings right there if you plan the purchase right Shop Class C Motorhomes for sale in Oregon at All Seasons RV & Marine today for the best selection of RVs. Find class c motorhomes from manufacturers like Coachmen, Winnebago and Jayco!Class C motorhomes are perfect for all types of RVing adventures as they allow for the conveniences and spacious living you get with a Class A Motorhome all at a more budget-friendly price 2. Coachmen Leprechaun 240FS (450 Ford) Class C Motorhome. Average cost: $68,700. This Class C motorhome has a slide-out and an awning. It can sleep up to six and includes a built-in fireplace as well as a U-shaped dinette to accommodate families. 3. Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel Camper. Average cost: $50,60 2005 volkswagen itasca sunstar 21ft class C motorhome 49,000 miles $31,500 (Naperville west chicagoland ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $36,500. favorite this post Jul 22 2000 Fleetwood Discovery Diesel R